As the world resets, our opportunities for financial self-sufficiency dwindle

Financial self-sufficiency; Time is quickly running out
Saul Goodman – Well, there here… the end times, kid… the end times….

Any long time reader of my work is well familiar with my overriding theme; we needed to gradually remove ourselves from this ever increasingly wicked financial and economic system, and develop income streams that would remain resilient to the ever growing tyranny that is raining down upon humanity.

For eight years, I told all who would listen that;

  • The central banks would sink the world in a sea of deflationary red ink with ever-falling interest rates, because TPTB showed absolutely no indication that there would be any debt renegotiations. This meant that cost of living increases would be dwarfed by monetary inflation as the world struggled to service outstanding debt,
  • Debt levels lost all meaning, since the world’s monetary system had transformed itself in the wake of the 2008 manufactured crisis,
  • The owners of the central banks were in total control of the ultimate outcome,
  • Negative rates would ultimately result and asset prices would rise ever higher over time,
  • This low cost of capital formation would allow the track-and-trace technology to evolve to the point that it would completely enslave humanity…
  • …Thus, if the central banks allowed interest rates to rise, they would get the blame, and their owners’ timeline to enslave humanity would be delayed,
  • A systemic regime of low interest rates would counterintuitively achieve their objective of concentrating the global wealth while impoverishing the bottom 90% of humanity.
  • Small business owners who relied on a traditional customer base would come under increasing pressure over time, while income generating assets would provide a safer haven as this global agenda unfolded.
  • Low interest rates would guarantee that only the largest and most well-connected firms would win out at the expense of all others. This was an aspect of the dynamic I referred to as “trickle-up” reality.

Of course, I had favored rental real estate for income, because this sector provided its investors greater autonomy with regard to their daily business affairs. Moreover, I concluded that the residential real estate sector was guaranteed to rise under a post-2008 monetary system scenario. As a real estate investor, it’s refreshing not having to be beholden to all the thoughtless politically correct groupthink that permeates the minds of our families, employers, friends, and society, which is why many independent-minded and unconventional thinkers tend to gravitate to this sector.

Your worst enemies pose as your ally; ZeroHedge’s 12-year propaganda campaign has left its readers demoralized and poorer with antithetical recommendations and advice

My ongoing overall conversation rested upon my unique theories regarding the mechanisms and sustainability of this current monetary system. While our understanding of the function of ever-lower interest rates afforded us ample opportunity to prosper in an honest manner, I have recently concluded that we have reached an inflection point with which the governing authorities will make it nearly impossible to remain independent. This manufactured Covid crisis has accelerated the ultimate timeline, and while most of those around us are still looking for an end to this, we know better.

Analysis based on propaganda outlets must be discounted

The time to buy these income generating assets was earlier last decade, but the charlatan and propaganda outlets made sure their readers stayed away.

For the first time in my lifetime, we are now facing some very sobering realities that we can no longer ignore. This current crisis is much different than 9/11 or 2008, and if you spent your time reading ZeroHedge and listening to its parrots for the past 12 years, I am sorry to tell you that it’s too late to plot another course; there really isn’t any time left. Yes, even Joel Skousen, who often makes many interesting observations (read his quote below), is an economic novice who often refers to the anti-West ZeroHedge for confirmation of his economic and monetary system theories. He even did so in his latest issue of the World Affairs Brief.

Nonetheless, Mr. Skousen makes an interesting observation here; rather than lightening up, the threat of economic shutdown has risen since Biden appeared to have won the election. With Trump out of the way and an enfeebled and corrupted Biden at the helm, the globalists are intent on completely rewriting society as quickly as possible.

Gradually the true motives for creating this phony pandemic out of a bad flu virus (that they call Covid 19) are emerging.

The first was to get people used to living under emergency orders and government dictates. Never mind that the “emergency” is all fake, driven by the so-called high infection rates due to an overly sensitive PCR test that picks up any coronavirus and amplifies it. At least 80% of those testing positive have little or no symptoms and don’t get seriously sick…

The second big motive is to damage the economy with the various shutdown restrictions, this was partly to hurt Pres. Trump’s ability to brag about a strong economy, but this was not enough to defeat him and they had to pull the most flagrant election fraud in history to make it appear Biden won.

Interestingly, the economic shutdowns are not stopping, but re-emerging even stronger, which means there is yet another nefarious global purpose to these economic restrictions: to permanently damage our economies so that all people become totally dependent on government edicts and bailouts. Hidden within these trillion dollar bailouts will be new laws and programs implementing what the globalists have never been able to do without this manufactured crisis, and its all being called “The Great Reset.”

Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief, November 20th

World Affairs Brief, November 20, 2020


For those who placed their trust in the ZeroHedge propagandists and the lazy economic novices who referred to its propaganda in their research, time has quickly run out and there is simply no longer a guaranteed way to stay ahead. Though the suppressed costs of capital will help support stock, bond, and real estate prices for the foreseeable future, how much longer will TPTB allow this to go? It is completely up to them, and while I doubt they will deviate from their predetermined course, we must remain vigilant for the unexpected.

Now that investment income streams have become too compressed versus capital, we will increasingly rely on speculative gains for profit. The time to buy these income generating assets was earlier last decade, but the charlatan and propaganda outlets made sure their readers stayed away.

I submit that this Covid crisis will most likely persist until mid-decade, and by then the governments will have instituted all sorts of previously unimaginable legislation and programs to develop their Elysium-type dream. The potential resistance is much weaker and poorer now, and that’s why the globalists are going for broke. They control the information feed and know they can get away with it.

A demoralized and reprobate population without the high moral ground can be eventually manipulated into accepting anything. This is why we needed our biblical worldview and set of morals to be removed from our collective conscience. My observations this year have been downright painful; society has truly accepted being treated like livestock and this is why governments will begin stripping us of our personal property rights. The elites even promoted it along political lines. A demoralized and reprobate population can be convinced and shamed into believing that expropriation of property is just a normal occurrence in the new world order.

It’s easy to talk about being self-sufficient…

Avoid these tests if you want to keep your freedom of movement. So, you have to prepare now to eventually stop doing business with the establishment.

As I pointed out in a prior brief, things are going to get very dangerous when they start mandating vaccines. In order to avoid them, you’re going to have to stop engaging in many aspects of society that people think are normal:

1. public schools, which will require the vaccine

2. hospital birth, which will require testing, quarantine, and vaccines

3. employment in the medical field, which will require the vaccine

4. Travel on an airline which may all require the vaccine in the future

Fortunately, there are wonderful alternatives to these: home schooling (private schools mostly go along with these Covid restrictions and vaccines), home birth using certified lay midwives, alternative medical professionals, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, chiropractors and private clinics, and learning to fly so you can pilot your own plane and evade the airlines.

There is also a strong possibility that major corporations will require the vaccine, so you may have to quit your job and seek out employment in a smaller company which allows more freedom of choice. Most should seek to develop a marketable skill and become self-employed.

Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief, November 20th

…But impossible to do if we made the wrong financial choices

Of course, Mr. Skousen’s advice sounds noble, but for those who didn’t take advantage of this fertile speculative ground for the past 12 years, their options have dried up. What I find amazing is that these experts in the alt-media made the worst economic and monetary system predictions, and it cost their readers dearly. If we lost out since 2008, how can we make the choices that Mr. Skousen recommends now? They claim to know so much about how this monetary system works, yet they continually underestimated its masters. What a shame. The worst part is that their audiences are so much larger than mine, so my voice went nowhere.

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17 thoughts on “As the world resets, our opportunities for financial self-sufficiency dwindle

  1. Hi, is it smart to lock in a 1.8% interest on my mortgage?

    Can mortgage rates go lower?

    Can they go higher?

    1. Hi. What is the duration of the mortgage? That rate is phenomenal. In which country is the property situated? I just paid off a 30-year loan taken out in 2002 on a rental, and it was a 6.5% loan. Since I am taking a conservative posture now and not overextending, the house is now free and clear. I once thought that 6.5% was excellent. This year, the loan’s escrow was almost as much as the P&I.

      If you like to prepay a loan to build your equity and personal balance sheet, I choose shorter-term adjustments with lower rates. I used to take in 30-year fixed loans for rentals and owner-occupied, but my circumstances change so much over time that I only try to lock in 5-10 year rates. However, in the U.S. and in most other developed nations, the yield compression does not always justify shorter-term arms. Commercial loans are usually no longer than 10 years.

      How are using the property? Owner occupied for no more than 10 year occupancy should be for 10 year ARM. Of course, with yield curves managed, the difference between a 10 and 30-year loan is not substantial, and you may wish to lock in the longer-term for peace of mind.

      I ask these questions, because while most people have a simple opinion, each circumstance is different.

      To answer if rates could go higher; of course they could, however, I doubt they will rise all that much. I have to conclude they may continue their long-term fade. This will be necessary to keep the nation-states in business. The flipside; government controls on ownership may grow over time to help deal with the rising tide of discontent from those who will no longer able to afford to buy as rates fall and prices rise. Owner-occupied homes are safe in this regard, but I do worry about those with sizable rental portfolios.

      1. Thank you for the lengthy reply, Chris.

        The duration is 30 year. And the property is situated in Norway.

        I spoke to the bank yesterday, and today they emailed me several options:
        3 years 1,60 %
        5 years 1,75 %
        7 years 1,95 %
        10 years 2,20 %

        I am living in the property myself and have no plans to move any time soon. My job is stable, I work as an engineer in the oil industry, and we have contracts lasting several more years. My job is secure (relatively speaking).

        My concern is inflation; will an increase in inflation (CPI) affect the mortgage rates on a 1:1 basis? Do they correlate in that fashion? I do concur however, it is difficult to imagine that mortgage rates will go up in this environment, when already people struggle to service their loans.

        Thank you,

        1. Hi again,
          I would be less concerned about CPI here. Knowing what we talk about, I am have to believe that TPTB will respond accordingly if inflation rises too much. They are going for broke and I would have to believe that they will pull rabbits out of their hats to keep this scheme going. I just noticed that Portugal’s 10-year briefly went negative.

          We see where there world is going. So, if you plan on staying indefinitely, and are alone paying the mortgage, I would err on a higher rate and longer duration. If you think you might be there a longer time, I would get the 10-year and be content with that.

          The difference between the 3-and 10-year may seem big at 60 bps, but in the past, when the 10-year was 4.5%, the 3-year would have been about 3%. In percentage terms, the rates are similar in change, but in total bps, the current rates are very compressed. Thus, I would pay up for the longer duration. Whether an investment or owner-occupied, I would try to determine the most likely length of ownership time, and lock in that particular rate duration.

          For me, I intend on moving away from NoVA in about five years (to an isolated area in northern NM), and if I chose to refi now, I would seek a five-year ARM, if that rate was lower than the 30-year. If for unforeseen circumstances, I was stuck here longer, I would probably sell for a better property (I live in a simple townhouse) or have the current owner-occupied loan nearly paid off. There is no need for me to seek a 30-year fixed if it cost more.

          In your instance, inflation is a less major issue for you in this decision, other than to want to lock in a longer duration. A longer duration for 10 years removes the worry about market and economic shocks, and at 60 bps ($600/year or $50/mo for every $100k outstanding loan balance) the cost is a reasonable one.

  2. Wow. Look at gold. You mentioned on your last gold analysis that it looked like a suppression set up like 2013. The chart action did look the same. Interesting call.

    1. I am looking at gold this morning break $1,800 support. It just got taken out to the woodshed and the setup seems very similar to what we saw 2011 through 2013. A descending triangle on The Daily and weekly charts was the setup for a break of support. The GATA shills and gold bugs were claiming that the PTB were losing their ability to suppress the gold price. But when the gold price falls, the same people talk about how gold is being suppressed. I submit to you that gold was allowed to run up earlier this year so it could be beaten down in a methodical fashion just like early last decade. These Elites would much rather have you devote your savings to bitcoin. They want us getting used to having everything in digital format that will eventually be tracked and traced. Physical gold is the only true way out of the system, and they don’t want us owning it.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Your blog is no longer searchable in google…..same goes for a lot of agenda 2030 and similar contents……. looks like the big data have started filtering.

    1. Hi Jason,
      First, Google filters a lot more all the time and makes it very difficult to retrieve information. I know this as I do a lot of historical research from 20 years ago, etc., and things that were on the search engine are no longer there, even though the sites are still up. The content on the searches are constructed in a way that almost editorialize. Google searches were much more objective just several years ago. Things that I look for are on page 4 or 5 of the search results and I have to wade through the disinfo first. There really is no way anymore for beginners of a subject to retrieve all the info they need and are kind of stuck using the “enemy” to perform research. If I can pinpoint financial and economic filtering on a subtle basis, what about all the subjects in which I am not familiar? How do I know what is fact anymore?

      Second, I had to remove my website, research, and testimony from Google and web search engines as a matter of holding the peace personally. my family, friends, and a business partner are either ashamed, embarrassed, or put off by my worldview. Thus, by not having my writings show up, I can have a so-called normal life (for now). The irony is this; my worldview and research benefits all of them, but you would never know it by their reactions and scoffing.

      I take the high ground and move forward with what options I have available. Believe me, it causes friction still. When I tell you that we are only a few, i mean that. I take comfort in that.

      Let’s beat them at their own game!

  4. No matter who anyone listened to, Chris, the reality is that we are all screwed, (pardon mon francaise). Anyone owning property will eventually be taxed off what they own. Government, utility and snitch jobs will be the last to go. Everyone talks of prepping for when TSHTF…how about preparing to die well, with true contrition for your sins, begging the grace of God’s undeserved mercy?

    1. While my realm here is financial in nature, the key to overcoming is by knowing our adversary and how he powers this engine of the NWO. Most people in the alt world are just as reprobate as everyone else. Indeed, most will be very “screwed.” Others can hold out longer. A few will survive. I intend to survive, which is why I have become an expert in these matters. I learn first to overcome, and second, to show others.

      Taxes and such will not force property owners out. Expropriation will. If property taxes go up, supply is restricted and rents move higher. My tenants pay the utilities. We have had snitch squads since the Patriot Acts in 2001 to none effect. Social media and Facebook do the snitching for us. Stay off social media.

      We are not all “screwed” and I will soldier on. Take the fight to the highways and hedges! However, Anyone who listened to the shills and charlatans in the alternative media are cooked.

      We need to get our hearts right with Jesus AND Never give up.

  5. Chris, thanks for another shattering analysis. But I remain confused because I don’t see debt deflation in your reckoning. Maybe I missed it. I think there is a race taking place in companies, between monetary inflation and debt deflation.

    A company suffers because payments on the money it borrowed are eroding it toward insolvency. Even though its sales are good.

    Is the old economy being whipsawed by both monetary inflation and debt deflation?


    1. We have always stated on this blog that the regime of low interest rates helps those who are best prepared for them. The largest firms will always benefit as they will have access to this low cost of capital. So in a sense it is a race, but as long as these firms and elites have their low-cost capital access they will always remain ahead. It’s during times of crisis that the deepest pockets and largest entities are able to consolidate their position in their respective industries. So as interest rates move lower and crises ensue, consolidation of the global wealth takes place.

      Since there is no debt renegotiations or haircuts, all of the debt, regardless of interest rate level, must be serviced and that principal must be paid back. When there is no offsetting income to pay back existing debt, it’s only future economic potential that remains to be tapped as source to payback old principal and interest.

      This is what we mean when we say deflationary forces. There may not be outright deflation, but the portion of economic potential that is devoted to servicing outstanding debt grows over time and will always provide a drag on economic output and overall demand.

      This crisis seems to be serving many purposes, and I’m coming to the sense that it will be something that will help to redesign the monetary system. It won’t replace the existing cartel of central banks, but it is exposing many of the flaws that has been inherent in the system. But, so have all the other crises going back to the stock market crash of 1987. As I’ve always said, however, the monetary system that these Elites need work was put into place in 2008. It wasn’t until 2012 that I realized it was going to be successful.

      These synagogue of Satan elites seem intent on exposing the flaws in the dollar based system. However, at this time, there is no indication that they wish to overturn it. Commodity inflation is only speculative in nature at this point and can be conflated with the rest of the asset inflation. If we see true cost of living increases in the government measures, then we need to be concerned about the elite plans for future system.

      As of right now I do not see the general price levels rising as greatly as monetary inflation. Velocity of money is plummeting and this monetary inflation is being placed into the asset markets. I doubt it will bleed out en masse, because the economy has been straight-jacketed into a set of intentionally placed shackles. These shackles have helped to keep inflationary pressures at the cost of living level low.

      To me, this all looks like a game of Tetris. The pieces are fitting together in a sense.

  6. I knew 30 years ago that our democracy was a lie, when they started their cloudseeding operations worldwide, turning blue skies into a foggy white soup. Without as much as a word in the press.
    I could even show it to people, cause it was obvious if you watched the proces happening above you.
    Very few would take the time to listen let alone understand the implications.
    Now we see the world being taken over by the same group of people, and still the majority thinks nothing of it.
    In a way what is happening today is to our advantage. With nowhere to hide the only option left is to fight back (finally).

    1. It’s always a wonderful thing when a blue sky is actually blue. 15 years ago, the chemtrail issue was on my mind quite often. Time has a way with getting us used to things that we thought previously were unimaginable. Unless it is pointed out specifically in the mainstream press, the vast majority (90%) of people will reject anything we say. They will view today’s events as completely normal and will demand government intervention of all sorts. The best way to fight back is by living a moral life, making the right financial and personal choices, and being a Godly example to everyone around us. All of my knowledge is not completely wasted. I discuss these things to anyone who listens. Most of them fade out or roll their eyes, but a few actually absorb some of it. The problem with fighting back is that 90% of the population will look at us as the problem. Society has been demoralized to the point that right is wrong and up Is down. 2 + 2 does equal 5 in the New World Order.

      1. Chris, what about farmland? Especially if it flies below the radar as a home market garden, mostly providing food supplement and a small side business (preferable under the table and/or black market in some way). This seems viable.

        1. I always like farmland. I did some research several months back about farm land. Someone asked me about it. If I lived in a rural area and rentals were not feasible (e.g. stagnant population growth) I would be loading up on rural farm land and leasing it back or out to others. Income generating assets are our key to long-term success.

          Here is a link to research from July 9th. A subscriber asks – Renting vs. owning; Buying farmland.

          I think that helps. I also have to believe that there is some very cheap grazing and farmland in places like Northern NM, Eastern CO, Western KS. TX, etc. Out there we have to contend with water and mineral rights, so be careful about that.

          As for small businesses, I would prefer to keep it under the radar screen and not have to deal with the profane 90% of the population. I have a difficult time dealing with people at the gym and grocery store, so how can I deal with customers? Of course, i would always recommend trading for income supplementation. I do not recommend wholesale speculation as fortunes have been lost that way. I take me trading profits and plow it into loan payoffs and rentals. As I get older, I am grateful for avoiding the big blow ups (of course, i could have speculated a lot since March in stocks, but my real estate portfolio is up at least 15% since then).

  7. Chris, stop being so optimistic! I do get what you are saying. Everything seems to be a lie.

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