11/11 Important update – Things are not crazy; the Great Reset is here

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Don’t wait for the Great Reset; we are already resetting
-A sobering, yet honest assessment of what is to come over the next five years. I offer a number of suggestions on how to handle our financial and personal lives.
-This manufactured Coronavirus crisis will help facilitate the program for Agenda 2030 and should persist until mid-decade.
-I offer some ideas on how the future monetary system will affect us.
-Expropriation of private property and rental real estate under the guise of affecting social policy is becoming increasingly likely. I suggest reducing the number of investment properties over time and holding fewer, higher priced investments.
-Only those who understand the spiritual aspect will recognize the patterns.
-Friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors will increasingly detest hearing the truth.
-Social media and all electronics stimuli are dulling the senses and work to handicap the end user from making sounds personal and financial choices.
-Omnipresent exposure to death, plague, and hell works to desensitize the livestock population into accepting the inevitable. If the plebes had not been exposed to this nihilistic predictive programming for the past 50 years, the blowback from the Agenda 2030 program would be too much. We have been conditioned for decades to accept this.

-Gold & bitcoin
A warning for gold holders. Was gold allowed to run up in 2020 like in 2011, so it could be suppressed from a higher level? I am making some observations and see some similarities. Are traders putting too much faith in btc as the future NWO currency? China bans it.

Was gold allowed to break 2000 on purpose to help mask future fiscal malfeasance?

Debt markets
-Keep in mind that the banking and satanic elites need low interest rates and easy capital formation, so they can put into place all of the needed track and trace technology. Thus, any spike in rates will prove temporary
Junk bond yields are at an all-time low. Market complacency is at its highest in history. The Fed’s asymmetrical inflation targets do not justify these low bond yields. The pieces are not fitting in place.
-Since August 27th, when the US Fed modified its inflation target, UST yields have been creeping higher. As we can see below, the Fed’s revised inflationary objectives have begun to have an effect on longer-dated UST yields.

-The Fed’s policy shift has also caused UST spreads with other nation state debt to widen once again. The other nations are not contemplating aggressive inflation targets like in the U.S. The U.S. is also not yet locking down its country like others in the Northern hemisphere, though with a Biden presidency this will probably change.

-Based on the massive speculative short interest, if the Fed’s inflation objectives change, or if fiscal spending tightens more than expected, we could see yields fall fast.


-Despite global weather concerns, the reflation trade has also been bullish for the grains.

-Expectations are high for the current price levels and many trader are expecting higher inflation rates.

-We predicted a few months ago that stocks would only suffer a 10-20% correction if the indexes put in all-time high. There was just too much liquidity at those previous lower levels.
-Higher inflation has fed to speculation in the value and industrial sectors. How long can this last?
-I see a snap of some sort in the equity markets, but from higher levels.




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10 thoughts on “11/11 Important update – Things are not crazy; the Great Reset is here

  1. Hello, Chris. Always enjoy your podcasts.

    Just a few points, contentions, and a question:

    I doubt that Trump has delayed the New Socialist World Order implementation. On the contrary, it seems that he has sped it up, mainly by galvanizing the Left in a way that Hillary Clinton (and Biden) could never have done, and by keeping conservatives content, apathetic, and inactive thinking their man is in power (when their man really isn’t it power). See my article: https://fitzinfo.net/2018/03/20/why-soviet-russia-helped-trump-get-elected/ for a deeper explanation.

    We don’t know that the election was rigged. Even if it were, what difference does it make for Christians? Nothing, as both candidates having nothing to give Christians and/or conservatives in general (Trump is a fake conservative and crony capitalist, not a free-market capitalist, and likely blackmailed by the KGB/Mossad apparatus, as documented in my six-part series: https://fitzinfo.net/2016/10/29/trump-controlled-by-mossad/ ).

    I see that the Bank of Canada deputy governor Paul Beaudry has put out a report, “The Great Reset”, subtitled “Supporting the transition to a greener, smarter economy“, confirming everything we know about the world communist agenda, now in its advanced phase under this virus hoax. It’s a strange report in that it makes a connection between the plandemic and environmentalism when there isn’t any connection there.

    Speaking of this hoax. The idea that Covid-19 is some kind of CCP bio-weapon might be a bread crumb deliberately left for conservative/conspiracy demographics. An equally valid theory is that there really is no virus but that the symptoms some are experiencing are due to some kind of alteration in their terrains (terrain theory) and/or massive exosomes release (exosome theory), likely triggered by the massive 5G rollout (now China is testing 6G).

    Unfortunately, it seems that property and asset expropriation is on the way, as is the standard for the Satanic communist system, although we don’t know exactly when this will happen. And I think you are absolutely correct that the elites will use the race card to hold a gun to our heads to give up our lands and assets as the excuse for executing this massive theft.

    Regarding Henry Makow, our team of researchers have found that Henry seems to be aiding the Eastern-led liberation script of the so called Western-led NWO (see sections at my site “Operation SIG” and “Eurasian World Order” for a deeper explanation on this dialectic). Makow is by no means the only one doing this. He is one of many in the so called alternative media. Regardless, I think Henry’s agenda now seems to be to promote the Soviet Zerohedge alt financial, anti-Western narrative of things. I don’t even know that he would publish your content anymore like he used to. He seems to have a clear agenda to pin all the blame for the world conspiracy on the West, as part of the Soviet dialectic. Researcher Andy Sloan, who used to be published on Makow, has well documented this.

    As for real estate investment, you are suggesting halting purchasing rental real estate, especially in working class areas (although that’s kind of a vague descriptor), but what about purchasing real estate in which to live yourself?

    1. Hi Timothy,
      Thanks for the email and fine analysis.

      Okay, I wrote up a post this early afternoon about single-family housing. My concerns are regarding single-family dwellings here and my response is in that post.

      I do not disagree with your assessments of Trump. I observe how Trump was cleverly conflated with nationalism, which is something I would normally promote. But with unstable Trump associated with it, the voters threw the baby out with the bath water and demanded everything opposite. I think of the logic fallacy “the enemy of your enemy is your friend.” Trump is clearly unstable in many ways and his public self-destruction was all his enemies needed. Biden was normally an unelectable president, but the PTB got their man. I wouldn’t think too much about this. When all the major outlets, yes, even Fox, was anti-Trump, it doesn’t take rocket science to see who was the elite’s choice. Trump did turn nationalism into a joke in the same way scientists and psychologists turned the Bible into an anachronism. In that regards, whether it was intentional or not, Trump did achieve many objectives for the NWO. he turned the US into a laughing stock around the world.

      As for the election, I have to believe that one of the benefits of this manufactured COVID crisis was to allow the inclusion of vast numbers of mail-in ballots for the 2020 election. I voted by mail, and my intention was to help on the local elections here in VA. My state has quickly turned very left, similar to MD. It has happened in only the span of a decade. VA has gone very anti-gun, and I was hoping to vote against those who are gun grabbers. This was the easiest way for the globalists to throw an election. And you are right, there is no definitive way to determine any malfeasance and fraud, but when partisan people oversee the process, and the majority of them are inclined to reject Trump, we will get the predetermined outcome.

      As for Trump not holding things back, this is what I see; this agenda will speed up greatly under Biden. By 2025, this country and our ways of life will be drastically different, and most Christians will have to start making tough choices. Life will be different for you all in Canada (I know you live up north). Had Trump been re-elected, he would have been a stumbling block with masks, lockdowns, vaccines, and contact tracing, etc. TPTB wouldn’t have tolerated that at this pivotal point in this timeline.

      I think we agree on your assessment of COVID. We will never have the real answers, so I don’ spend too much time contemplating it. I only see the outcomes, and who benefits from those outcomes, which tells me the most likely scenarios.

      As for Henry Makow, I no longer write for any third-party site, as my writings have been heavily edited and reworded, so as to lose their meaning. I lose effective control and that does not suit me. I do not need page views and just hope you take me as someone who honestly researches and reports what I see as an expert in my small realm. I also provide timely recommendations that no one else in the alt sphere provides. As for Mr. Makow’s site, I do not know what his view is anymore, as I have not visited it in about 10-12 months. However, his financial market predictions were often misguided and I told him so. Whether he listened, I do not know. He did allow me to warn his readers during the early part of last decade, so I thank him for that. He didn’t have to, especially since all my advice and analysis ran counter to everyone else’s on his site at the time 7-8 years ago. The people who posted comments on my articles from 2013-2015 were largely very critical, but they were wrong. As for anyone’s analysis, including ZeroHedge’s, I may agree with some of it, but that is purely by coincidence. I may disagree with it, too. Knowing what I know, I can clearly claim that the agenda of ZeroHedge is clearly one that promotes propaganda, and anyone, including people like Joel Skousen, who repeat what Zerohedge has to say must be taken with a grain of salt.

      As for me, I see this as a spiritual battle and one that cannot be turned around anymore. Anyone who refuses to see the parallels to the Bible are heavily discounted by me. All gods are the same, except one; the real one. And I talk about that everyday to anyone who will listen.

  2. Hi. What do think will happen with the US dollar? It has not been doing well this year and yields in the US have been rising since late August. Is the weaker dollar helping or hurting the stock market?

    1. I think the inflation data that came out this morning help to make sense of the suppressed yield curve here in the US. CPI data were below estimates and Powell’s testimony was somewhat economic bearish. He kept hitting home the COVID narrative and that fiscal spending needed to be ramped up. Ironically, the worse the economic prospects, the more QE will work. Same old for the past decade plus. The markets do not like the imminent lockdowns, but yields have fallen today. At least this relationship is working.

  3. Funny you mentioned Dr. Zhivago in the podcast. It’s on my current reading list to set the mood for a Biden presidency.

    Just finished the biography about the great Russian opera singer, Galina Vishnevskaya. Talk about harrowing! In between the fluff, it’s worth reading for her insights while growing up in Communist Russia as well as the State control of artists. They whittled poor Shostakovich to a nub. Perhaps Lady Gaga will be named the new Artistic Commissar?

    In terms of changing anything, I agree it’s probably too late. The masses have succumbed to American-style agitprop, as well as other demonic forces.

    Like you I am in my mid-50’s and have seen a different species of human evolve in my lifetime. It’s not pretty. I sometimes feel like the old man in Soylent Green before he chooses a voluntary death. However dramatic, I hope to live out my remaining years in peace, under the radar, away from the madness.

  4. Great to hear from you again Chris….another informative podcast.
    My church pastor told me politely that he and the church congregation dont want to hear about “this great reset, last days stuff”. Truly there is a blindness; a willing ignorance developing in the Christian remnant.
    I loved your closing comment: Jesus Saves! Amen.
    Keep at it Chris. We appreciate you.


  5. Hi Chris, good to hear from you again. Certainly ominous times we’re living in. Your absolutely correct, we cannot even talk to many friends and family about what is going on, their beyond convincing. Anyway, my wife and I are looking to buy a small kitchen cabinet business that’s making great money. I’d leave my well-paying corporate job for this opportunity however, it would require taking on a 1M SBA loan that would take 5-7 years to pay off. Said business would double my current income after making loan payments. However, all the uncertainty about the future makes us take pause. Additionally, we have two young children 7 & 9, so that weighs on moving forward. Any thoughts on this?
    Thank you and stay well.

    1. Hi Colin. My personal opinion, for what it’s worth, is, as depressing as this may sound, stay with your corporate employment. Taking out a bank loan when you have children to feed, is a stress you do not need. But I’m just a wife and mother that loves listening to Chris. The times are so unstable and to be beholden as a debt slave to the banks for 5-7 yrs, even though the business is currently booming, sounds too risky. Nothing is comfortable right now.for any of us, but the debt noose is the worst noose. JMO.

      May Our Lord guide you.🙏✝️🙏

      1. Hi Patti,
        I hope you are well. Sorry for not communicating in a while.

        As for Colin’s situation, it comes down to his and his wife’s ability to sell and manage the money effectively. I stick to trading and investment real estate, because it suits my skillset (while de-emphasizing my weaknesses). If Colin is a good salesman, he could make a lot of money. There are realtors who clean up and there are those who can’t really make enough to cover expenses. It all comes down to the personality traits. But, I agree with you on one aspect; he has two younger children with which to be be concerned. Always make sure there is enough cash on hand as well. Good salesmen can take a bad business and turn it into a gem. Bad salesmen can take a great business and drive it into the ground.

    2. Hi Colin,
      Thanks for the reply.

      Those who have a developed set of business skills will always do better than the many who do not. While I do not know of your particular circumstances, other than what you tell me, your opportunity could make sense. First, the loan amount is not all that much, especially if you are generating a good amount of cash. Second, you are blessed to have your wife involved in your ventures. that goes a long way as well.

      As long as interest rates stay low enough, which they should for the indefinite future, then home spending will keep up. Due to work-from-home mandates and social distancing measures, people have been spending more time at their homes. They have shifted their discretionary spending from travel and outside dining to home goods and home improvement projects. I just poured a bunch of money into a couple properties for bathroom tiling and general flooring. The people have shown a determination for spending on their homes.

      I would always suggest to take the risks if you are of that sort. If you were able to find a good corporate job before, you could find another one again. Businesses like the one you are contemplating are based on your ability to make sales. If you and your wife have that ability, i would say to do it. Good salesmen made money during the Great Depression; not that I predict one. i just predict a different world, and one that people will continue spending. I look at stocks like LOW, HD, RH, etc. and how much profit they are generating and we know people are spending money like it’s burning a hole in their pockets. Since I am not a good salesman, i couldn’t run this type of business, but for you, you could do well.

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