Social commentary – Making the best personal and financial choices as 2030 approaches

Who’s ultimately in charge?

And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 11:9 KJV

Never before have all the nations acted in one accord, and offered the same response to a manufactured crisis. Whether it’s Turkey, Malaysia, or the U.S., it’s clearly evident that all the nation-state governments have been subdued by an unseen force.

The backbone of the New World Order is based on economics and finance, and as such, its architects and engineers needed to first gain control of the global financial system. This plan for the end times goes back to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and before. If we wish to see who is really running things, we need to direct our attention to the owners of the private central banking cartel. This is the synagogue of Satan.

Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed, the world has had to endure;

  • World War I (1914-1917),
  • Russian Bolshevik Revolution (1917-1921),
  • The Great Depression,
  • World War II,
  • The rise of the improperly-named political state of Israel (a red-herring deception),
  • Chinese Communist rise to power,
  • Cold War,
  • Feminism, the drug culture, the war against the Bible and family,
  • The ongoing manufactured conflicts amongst the world’s Abrahamic religions,
  • The phony war on terror and 9/11,
  • The rise of unique diseases and viruses (e.g. Lyme, HIV, Cancer, SARS, COVID, Ebola, etc.) with more deadly ones soon to come,
  • The introduction of fiat money and the rise of avoidable and manufactured economic crises and market collapses (e.g. 2008, 2020) designed to consolidate global wealth.

With each manufactured crisis,  a “novel” solution emerges, which was just part of the plan all along. Each time, humanity loses, but is fully convinced that it is winning. In a profoundly amoral and corrupt society where truth is relative, the livestock can be convinced of anything. They can even be convinced that “the mark” in the Bible makes perfect sense and that the Bible is a fable. Our choice to take the mark will come before this decade is out.

The very few who possess the powerful combinatorial understanding of the different components of the NWO will be able to determine the most likely outcomes. These are the few who can objectively analyze this vast and abstruse dynamic to determine the best course of action to save themselves and their families, given our growing constraints to personal freedom. Those who can overcome the ongoing and upcoming global tragedies will be able to survive until the other side is reached. Jesus said a few will make it alive.

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

Non sequiturs in the alt-financial media

I often hear this non sequitur in the alt-media; The NWO engineers may be achieving their goal of enforcing Agenda 2030, yet they are losing control of their monetary system. This line of thought runs deep in the alt-media, because most in this realm are either ignorantly hopeful, obtuse, controlled, shills, or propagandists.

These analysts often refer to the devil, but refuse to recognize the true God.  Thus, most alt-finance prognosticators watch in disbelief as their shackles are constructed in plain view. We can’t have Agenda 2030 without the required financial system to power its emergence, which is why the globalists publicize their Agenda 2030 objectives on their shill World Economic Forum’s website.

The mistake of trying to wake up the people for change

Many personality disorders are egosyntonic, which makes their treatment difficult as the patients may not perceive anything wrong and view their perceptions and behavior as reasonable and appropriate.

With regards to the monetary system, most see chaos, but I see a devilish stability. It is a system built on disingenuity, moral hazard, amorality, egosyntonic attitudes, and decadence. As such, it is perfectly suited for the current state of humanity.

How can an amoral populace introduce a “fair weights and measures” system? The vast sea of livestock humanity prefer this centrally managed monetary system, and as it further transforms itself, the dumbed-down Christian prophets will sit around, waiting for the end time system to emerge.

Conclusion: We will be the few and will need to learn to operate in an ever more wicked monetary and economic system.

Taking action

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished

Proverbs 22:3 KJV

Klaus Schwab; Our strawman villain

If we know what the next 5-10 years bring, we are way ahead of the crowd. Don’t get worked up about Agenda 2030, while concluding that this monetary system is doomed to collapse. It will move forward, impoverishing all those who remain ignorant or stand in its way.

According to the World Economic Forum, the following are the planned business measures in response to COVID-19:

  • An acceleration of digitized work processes, with most being digital or virtual
  • About 85% of people are planned to work remotely. There will no longer be direct interaction between colleagues
  • Social distancing eliminates the need for human contact. Family members who believe in this Covid crisis may never see loved ones living elsewhere ever again
  • Automation of routine tasks, with about 50% of all tasks planned to be automated. Human input will be drastically diminished, even while remote working
  • An acceleration in the digitization of education;  all on computers with no human contact
  • An acceleration of ongoing organizational transformations
  • Worker reassignments with different tasks, which will entail lower pay. This will necessitate a universal basic income mechanism. This is a wage that allows its recipients to barely survive, while making them totally dependent on the government
  • Our modes of transportation will be reengineered. Everything will be converted to electric, so you will need to be part of the grid. Just take a look at the prices performances of all the EV and solar stocks for a clue.
  • The Great Reset also foresees a credit scheme in which all personal debt would be “forgiven” – against handing over all personal assets to an administrative body or agency – and proving one’s loyalty (e.g. taking the mark or vaccines)

If we know how this will play out, it will be in our best interest to avoid investments that are dependent on social interaction, while emphasizing those that benefit from the separation and isolation of humanity. This is why the Nasdaq continues to move past the Dow Industrials.

Making personal and financial decisions based on this analysis

The whole premise behind my blog and writing is simple; given the unfolding crimes against humanity, we need to make the best set of choices that will help to ensure our survival on an individual basis.

Financial choices

Farm land is still a good choice for those looking to remain independent

We need to make decisions that will ensure our financial survival. There will no doubt be a future debt jubilee proffered as a Faustian bargain, but what would it profit a man if he sells his soul in the process? We need to think and act independently, and thus, we need to avoid making decisions based on social media. This war is spiritual and our options are going to quickly dry up as the next several years progress. Joe Biden was selected as president, because he is clearly unable to think and act appropriately at his advanced age and degraded mental condition. He will provide no resistance to the NWO engineers.

Most Christians are hopelessly dependent on social media for affirmation and that needs to end. Stop taking the advice of the propagandists at ZeroHedge and the shills at GATA. Buy assets that generate income and provide protection for at least another few years. For those who don’t own rental properties, it still makes sense to buy a couple. Buy land, but lease it out to someone else for now. That option is better than relying on the government for a handout. We need to develop income streams that are dependent on as few people as practical.

Owning a few rentals still makes sense for now. As rates fall, asset prices rise. Just keep social objectives and BLM in mind.

The NWO economic machine is fed with ever-falling interest rates. Most  may be concerned with the nascent inflationary pressures, but there are plenty more deflationary crises to be had over the next 10 years, and gold’s price performance over the past several months has been revealing. Take advantage of the required ever-falling interest rate regime to continue fattening up for the winter. If interest rates spike, the track and trace technology development will be slowed down. Low cost of capital is required to bring about our high-tech bondage.

Gold; the only asset truly outside the system

We need to strive to be independent of the government for as much as possible. We need to begin to detach emotionally from the consensus and society. I never recommended opening businesses that depended on the average piece of human livestock for a customer as these lost souls will rend you and throw you in the ditch.  This is why I tried for the past eight years to get my readers to change their mindset. There is still a tiny slice of time, but for those who are unable to redirect their thought processes, the door has already shut.

The time to wake up others is nearing an end. We simply can no longer overcome the generational demoralization campaign against the people. Based on the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto, all the Western nations are now quickly emerging as Marxist, and by mid-decade, the citizens will view it as perfectly normal.

Spiritual choices; Never underestimate our adversary

First, for those who deny the spiritual aspect of the NWO and the truth of the Bible, they will never be able to comprehend what humanity has begun to embark upon and who ultimately is in control. They will make the wrong decisions at the most crucial moments and ensnare themselves.

Second, most politicians and “experts” placed for public consumption have no idea why they are acting the way they are. Something dark has begun to cover humanity, and those who are not born of the spirit will increasingly be under Satan’s control. Your rulers, governors, senators, supreme court judges, have been given over to a reprobate mind and are unwittingly operating under the control of this satanic NWO. Don’t waste your time trying to wake these people up. Don’t mistake your neighbor’s visible and obvious personal anguish as their personal wake up call. The vast sea of humanity are now under control of this dark force and are just reacting like livestock in a thunderstorm.

Do not take any vaccines; period, paragraph

In order to work, travel, and do most things of convenience, we will eventually be ordered to receive a vaccine. These vaccines being tested are different than all the others in the past, and this COVID bioweapon will be treated with another one.

I would like to draw your attention urgently to important issues related to the next Covid-19 vaccination. For the first time in the history of vaccination, the… mRNA vaccines intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which represents the genetic manipulation, something that was already forbidden and until then considered criminal.

…Even if the media and politicians currently trivialize the problem and even stupidly call for a new type of vaccine to return to normality, this vaccination is problematic in terms of health, morality and ethics, and also in terms of genetic damage that, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccines, will be irreversible and irreparable.

Dear patients, after an mRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat the vaccine symptoms in a complementary way. [You] will have to live with the consequences, because [you] can no longer be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just as a person with a genetic defect like Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, genetic cardiac arrest, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc.), because the genetic defect is forever!

This means clearly: if a vaccination symptom develops after an mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist can help you, because the damage caused by the vaccination will be genetically irreversible. In my opinion, these new vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never been committed in such a big way in history. As Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, an experienced doctor, said: In fact, this “promising vaccine” for the vast majority of people should be FORBIDDEN, because it is genetic manipulation! ”

The vaccine, developed and endorsed by Anthony Fauci and funded by Bill Gates, uses experimental mRNA technology. Three of the 15 human guinea pigs (20%) experienced a “serious adverse event”.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. November 19th

It all starts with refusing the vaccines. If you take it, you are done, and there is no need to ever stop by this site again.

As the world resets, our opportunities for financial self-sufficiency dwindle

Financial self-sufficiency; Time is quickly running out
Saul Goodman – Well, there here… the end times, kid… the end times….

Any long time reader of my work is well familiar with my overriding theme; we needed to gradually remove ourselves from this ever increasingly wicked financial and economic system, and develop income streams that would remain resilient to the ever growing tyranny that is raining down upon humanity.

For eight years, I told all who would listen that;

  • The central banks would sink the world in a sea of deflationary red ink with ever-falling interest rates, because TPTB showed absolutely no indication that there would be any debt renegotiations. This meant that cost of living increases would be dwarfed by monetary inflation as the world struggled to service outstanding debt,
  • Debt levels lost all meaning, since the world’s monetary system had transformed itself in the wake of the 2008 manufactured crisis,
  • The owners of the central banks were in total control of the ultimate outcome,
  • Negative rates would ultimately result and asset prices would rise ever higher over time,
  • This low cost of capital formation would allow the track-and-trace technology to evolve to the point that it would completely enslave humanity…
  • …Thus, if the central banks allowed interest rates to rise, they would get the blame, and their owners’ timeline to enslave humanity would be delayed,
  • A systemic regime of low interest rates would counterintuitively achieve their objective of concentrating the global wealth while impoverishing the bottom 90% of humanity.
  • Small business owners who relied on a traditional customer base would come under increasing pressure over time, while income generating assets would provide a safer haven as this global agenda unfolded.
  • Low interest rates would guarantee that only the largest and most well-connected firms would win out at the expense of all others. This was an aspect of the dynamic I referred to as “trickle-up” reality.

Of course, I had favored rental real estate for income, because this sector provided its investors greater autonomy with regard to their daily business affairs. Moreover, I concluded that the residential real estate sector was guaranteed to rise under a post-2008 monetary system scenario. As a real estate investor, it’s refreshing not having to be beholden to all the thoughtless politically correct groupthink that permeates the minds of our families, employers, friends, and society, which is why many independent-minded and unconventional thinkers tend to gravitate to this sector.

Your worst enemies pose as your ally; ZeroHedge’s 12-year propaganda campaign has left its readers demoralized and poorer with antithetical recommendations and advice

My ongoing overall conversation rested upon my unique theories regarding the mechanisms and sustainability of this current monetary system. While our understanding of the function of ever-lower interest rates afforded us ample opportunity to prosper in an honest manner, I have recently concluded that we have reached an inflection point with which the governing authorities will make it nearly impossible to remain independent. This manufactured Covid crisis has accelerated the ultimate timeline, and while most of those around us are still looking for an end to this, we know better.

Analysis based on propaganda outlets must be discounted

The time to buy these income generating assets was earlier last decade, but the charlatan and propaganda outlets made sure their readers stayed away.

For the first time in my lifetime, we are now facing some very sobering realities that we can no longer ignore. This current crisis is much different than 9/11 or 2008, and if you spent your time reading ZeroHedge and listening to its parrots for the past 12 years, I am sorry to tell you that it’s too late to plot another course; there really isn’t any time left. Yes, even Joel Skousen, who often makes many interesting observations (read his quote below), is an economic novice who often refers to the anti-West ZeroHedge for confirmation of his economic and monetary system theories. He even did so in his latest issue of the World Affairs Brief.

Nonetheless, Mr. Skousen makes an interesting observation here; rather than lightening up, the threat of economic shutdown has risen since Biden appeared to have won the election. With Trump out of the way and an enfeebled and corrupted Biden at the helm, the globalists are intent on completely rewriting society as quickly as possible.

Gradually the true motives for creating this phony pandemic out of a bad flu virus (that they call Covid 19) are emerging.

The first was to get people used to living under emergency orders and government dictates. Never mind that the “emergency” is all fake, driven by the so-called high infection rates due to an overly sensitive PCR test that picks up any coronavirus and amplifies it. At least 80% of those testing positive have little or no symptoms and don’t get seriously sick…

The second big motive is to damage the economy with the various shutdown restrictions, this was partly to hurt Pres. Trump’s ability to brag about a strong economy, but this was not enough to defeat him and they had to pull the most flagrant election fraud in history to make it appear Biden won.

Interestingly, the economic shutdowns are not stopping, but re-emerging even stronger, which means there is yet another nefarious global purpose to these economic restrictions: to permanently damage our economies so that all people become totally dependent on government edicts and bailouts. Hidden within these trillion dollar bailouts will be new laws and programs implementing what the globalists have never been able to do without this manufactured crisis, and its all being called “The Great Reset.”

Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief, November 20th

World Affairs Brief, November 20, 2020


For those who placed their trust in the ZeroHedge propagandists and the lazy economic novices who referred to its propaganda in their research, time has quickly run out and there is simply no longer a guaranteed way to stay ahead. Though the suppressed costs of capital will help support stock, bond, and real estate prices for the foreseeable future, how much longer will TPTB allow this to go? It is completely up to them, and while I doubt they will deviate from their predetermined course, we must remain vigilant for the unexpected.

Now that investment income streams have become too compressed versus capital, we will increasingly rely on speculative gains for profit. The time to buy these income generating assets was earlier last decade, but the charlatan and propaganda outlets made sure their readers stayed away.

I submit that this Covid crisis will most likely persist until mid-decade, and by then the governments will have instituted all sorts of previously unimaginable legislation and programs to develop their Elysium-type dream. The potential resistance is much weaker and poorer now, and that’s why the globalists are going for broke. They control the information feed and know they can get away with it.

A demoralized and reprobate population without the high moral ground can be eventually manipulated into accepting anything. This is why we needed our biblical worldview and set of morals to be removed from our collective conscience. My observations this year have been downright painful; society has truly accepted being treated like livestock and this is why governments will begin stripping us of our personal property rights. The elites even promoted it along political lines. A demoralized and reprobate population can be convinced and shamed into believing that expropriation of property is just a normal occurrence in the new world order.

It’s easy to talk about being self-sufficient…

Avoid these tests if you want to keep your freedom of movement. So, you have to prepare now to eventually stop doing business with the establishment.

As I pointed out in a prior brief, things are going to get very dangerous when they start mandating vaccines. In order to avoid them, you’re going to have to stop engaging in many aspects of society that people think are normal:

1. public schools, which will require the vaccine

2. hospital birth, which will require testing, quarantine, and vaccines

3. employment in the medical field, which will require the vaccine

4. Travel on an airline which may all require the vaccine in the future

Fortunately, there are wonderful alternatives to these: home schooling (private schools mostly go along with these Covid restrictions and vaccines), home birth using certified lay midwives, alternative medical professionals, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, chiropractors and private clinics, and learning to fly so you can pilot your own plane and evade the airlines.

There is also a strong possibility that major corporations will require the vaccine, so you may have to quit your job and seek out employment in a smaller company which allows more freedom of choice. Most should seek to develop a marketable skill and become self-employed.

Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief, November 20th

…But impossible to do if we made the wrong financial choices

Of course, Mr. Skousen’s advice sounds noble, but for those who didn’t take advantage of this fertile speculative ground for the past 12 years, their options have dried up. What I find amazing is that these experts in the alt-media made the worst economic and monetary system predictions, and it cost their readers dearly. If we lost out since 2008, how can we make the choices that Mr. Skousen recommends now? They claim to know so much about how this monetary system works, yet they continually underestimated its masters. What a shame. The worst part is that their audiences are so much larger than mine, so my voice went nowhere.

Subscribers ask about investing in single-family real estate – A clarification

Investors have accepted QE, so I have been bullish on residential real estate for the past decade. Will there be future restrictions on ownership?

Note to reader: I wish to clarify my recent comments on the rental real estate sector and its longer-term viability as a profitable investment class (I actually still recommend it, but within the confines of certain important constraints, with which I will list below).

In many areas of the world, single-family real estate prices are up between 15-20% year over year, and if the central banks continue their accommodative policies, I look for more of the same. Clearly, many people have been increasingly shut out of home ownership at the expense of investors and landlords. With left-leaning governments moving into the reins of power, I have been coming across more calls for investment limitations.

While we have been very correct in our housing predictions, and anyone who has purchased single-family rental properties in affordable areas (single-family dwellings below the median price) has been amply rewarded, how long will these government powers let this price rise continue to benefit single-family home investors? Landlords who have been holding investment rental housing have stumbled upon the most effective means for the average person to stay ahead of this manufactured COVID crisis.

Unfortunately, it seems that property and asset expropriation is on the way, as is the standard for the Satanic communist system, although we don’t know exactly when this will happen. And I think you are absolutely correct that the elites will use the race card to hold a gun to our heads to give up our lands and assets as the excuse for executing this massive theft.

As for real estate investment, you are suggesting halting purchasing rental real estate, especially in working class areas (although that’s kind of a vague descriptor), but what about purchasing real estate in which to live yourself?


The preface: As monetary policy loosens, house prices worldwide skyrocket


Concerns about New Zealand’s runaway house prices are escalating, with politicians across the board weighing in on what’s to blame.

Real Estate Institute data released Thursday shows that October’s national median house price, of $725,000, was 20 per cent higher than it was at the same time last year.

Ten regions hit record median price highs, while Auckland’s median price grew by 16.3 per cent year-on-year to hit $1 million for the first time.

It is a sharp turnaround from widespread predictions earlier this year of a house price crash in the wake of Covid-19.

Politicians point finger over runaway housing market,, November 13th


But the demand side could be dampened with various measures to limit property investors and meet the urgent need to wean New Zealanders off property investment by:

limiting the number of properties that individuals or household trusts can hold

limiting the number of trusts that individuals can hold

incentivising divestment of property holdings (in favour of selling to first-home buyers, for example).

The elephant in the room is a capital gains tax on secondary and rental properties — something the current government backed away from during its first term.

Ultimately, though, given a choice between helping first-home buyers into housing or limiting cost-effective property investment, a left-leaning government will likely side with social need over optimising capital formation. To do otherwise would be unacceptable to its voter base.

With house prices soaring again the government must get ahead of the market and become a ‘customer of first resort’, The Conversation, November 8th


Tenants of Hillside Villa demanded that the City of Los Angeles use power of eminent domain to purchase the building from the landlord and keep the building within the “Affordable Housing” system permanently. While the landlord would receive fair-market rate payment for the building, it would end any further speculation around the building. More importantly, such a move would have the potential to establish a precedent citywide, prompting the tenants of those 11,771 units with expiring covenants to insist that the city do the same for their buildings. To date, the city has not acted.

Along similar lines, tenant organizers across the world have demanded local governments expropriate properties to take them off the speculative real estate market. Seizing private property for the public interest is a meaningful, aggressive way to fight back against slumlords, speculators, and scofflaws. For example, if the Los Angeles Housing Department receives more than a certain number of complaints and cites an owner with more than a number of code violations, then the city should move to take possession of that building and convert it to public housing. If someone’s privilege to drive a car or practice law can be taken away, why can’t their involvement in real estate speculation be rescinded as well?

Affordable Housing is a Scam!, City Watch, October 26th

How investors should proceed in the future

While the casual partisan reader may dismiss this as hyperbole, I see something brewing. As the global central banks continue to accommodate with massive stimulus, and with left-leaning governments taking control, greater calls for investor restrictions will grow. Why? House prices will continue to climb, while at the same time, many citizens will get poorer from the COVID lockdowns. The pressure for restrictive measures is just common sense.

While the MSM and populist politicians will portray the single-family rental investor as the strawman villain in these cases, it is really the governments and central bank cartel themselves that are fully responsible for these runaway costs of living.

  • I agree with Timothy in this regard; he sees expropriation over racial divides as increasingly likely in the future. This is especially true in the U.S.
  • We may think this expropriation risk may be far into the future, but if Black Lives Matter decides to take up the mantle for an affordable housing mandate, we could begin to see a movement to expropriate non-minority investors from minority areas.
  • As house prices increase in step with monetary inflation and suppressed bond yields, younger folk will demand better access to working-class (affordable) housing at the expense of people like me.
  • As the above mentioned article theorizes, I have to conclude that there will initially be restrictions placed on the number of single-family properties individuals can own. I am concerned that investors may be forced to sell, and forced sales are always far below fair market value.
  • I contemplate the promulgation of disadvantageous investor tax policies as well as the institution of onerous ownership restrictions.
  •  The globalists know that rental property ownership has been the most effective way to stay ahead of all these manufactured crises. How long will they let this continue?
  • I am adjusting my longer-term investing plans with these recent observations in mind. First, I am no longer going to invest new money in any area that I deem racially sensitive or attractive to first-time home buyers. Second, over time, I will begin to sell out of these areas and use tax-friendly policies to purchase in more expensive, non-minority areas. Third, these actions will allow me to maintain my investment equity, while lowering the number of properties I own. Unfortunately, this method will decrease my future cash flows, but will still allow me to maintain my sector exposure.

11/11 Important update – Things are not crazy; the Great Reset is here

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 46:04)

If you have any questions, please reply in the comments section at the bottom of the post, and I will respond on the website. Comments will remain active for seven days after a post is submitted.

Don’t wait for the Great Reset; we are already resetting
-A sobering, yet honest assessment of what is to come over the next five years. I offer a number of suggestions on how to handle our financial and personal lives.
-This manufactured Coronavirus crisis will help facilitate the program for Agenda 2030 and should persist until mid-decade.
-I offer some ideas on how the future monetary system will affect us.
-Expropriation of private property and rental real estate under the guise of affecting social policy is becoming increasingly likely. I suggest reducing the number of investment properties over time and holding fewer, higher priced investments.
-Only those who understand the spiritual aspect will recognize the patterns.
-Friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors will increasingly detest hearing the truth.
-Social media and all electronics stimuli are dulling the senses and work to handicap the end user from making sounds personal and financial choices.
-Omnipresent exposure to death, plague, and hell works to desensitize the livestock population into accepting the inevitable. If the plebes had not been exposed to this nihilistic predictive programming for the past 50 years, the blowback from the Agenda 2030 program would be too much. We have been conditioned for decades to accept this.

-Gold & bitcoin
A warning for gold holders. Was gold allowed to run up in 2020 like in 2011, so it could be suppressed from a higher level? I am making some observations and see some similarities. Are traders putting too much faith in btc as the future NWO currency? China bans it.

Was gold allowed to break 2000 on purpose to help mask future fiscal malfeasance?

Debt markets
-Keep in mind that the banking and satanic elites need low interest rates and easy capital formation, so they can put into place all of the needed track and trace technology. Thus, any spike in rates will prove temporary
Junk bond yields are at an all-time low. Market complacency is at its highest in history. The Fed’s asymmetrical inflation targets do not justify these low bond yields. The pieces are not fitting in place.
-Since August 27th, when the US Fed modified its inflation target, UST yields have been creeping higher. As we can see below, the Fed’s revised inflationary objectives have begun to have an effect on longer-dated UST yields.

-The Fed’s policy shift has also caused UST spreads with other nation state debt to widen once again. The other nations are not contemplating aggressive inflation targets like in the U.S. The U.S. is also not yet locking down its country like others in the Northern hemisphere, though with a Biden presidency this will probably change.

-Based on the massive speculative short interest, if the Fed’s inflation objectives change, or if fiscal spending tightens more than expected, we could see yields fall fast.


-Despite global weather concerns, the reflation trade has also been bullish for the grains.

-Expectations are high for the current price levels and many trader are expecting higher inflation rates.

-We predicted a few months ago that stocks would only suffer a 10-20% correction if the indexes put in all-time high. There was just too much liquidity at those previous lower levels.
-Higher inflation has fed to speculation in the value and industrial sectors. How long can this last?
-I see a snap of some sort in the equity markets, but from higher levels.