08/15 Update – It’s a great time to be alive; Day trading and a stock tip, Investment opportunities, Housing fundamentals, Nationalism and more

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Housing remains an excellent choice
-Discussion of a 8/15 MarketWatch article, Mortgage rates keep falling — will they finally drop to 0%?
-This blog was the only one that was consistently correct in its prediction of bond yield movements and the circumstances behind these drops.  We were so confident that we correctly predicted the best assets to accumulate.
-The three reasons why housing will continue to shine;
1) Ever-falling bond yields
2) A world awash in ever-softer dollars; This enhances values in the former Commonwealth, Europe, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, etc., which is why everyone needs to stay up on US Fed policy. Its policies provide the framework from which the other central banks can operate.
3) Powerful Western demographics; The United States population has grown by 84 million people since 1990 (more than two Canadas), and 51 million since 2000 (two Australias). Most of these people are lower-end segments and are creating constant demand for middle-income housing, which, of course, is no longer being built.

Day trading tips and suggestions, a stock pick
-I add to my prior article on day trading, with a few more vital tips to abide by. We need to have iron-clad discipline. When we deviate, we lose.
-Keep track of earnings and never hold a large equity position (or any) in a day trade account into an earnings report. The chance for a major blowup is too great.
I received a YouTube video from a Canadian subscriber regarding the odds of making money in day trading.
Another stock pick; eMagin (EMAN: NYSE-AMEX). Excellent ground floor opportunity on a penny stock

Trump and nationalism
-Despite what the world is claiming, we are not about to go into the abyss. The alt-media Cassandras and MSM keep pounding home about riots and COVID deaths, but the stories are greatly exaggerated and have only been stumbling blocks for the fearful and unwashed.
-I largely support Trump’s platform and loved the nation that was, but that nation is no longer in existence. But, I am wasting my time contemplating about the kayfabe election outcome, except as it may pertain to my investments. Ultimately, we only have direct control over our personal choices, and if some choose to get worked up and depressed over this manufactured farce, that is up to them.
-Imagine if we didn’t act properly and saw this all unfold as predicted. I know I would be depressed being broke, but since the yield curve moves regardless of which puppet is in office, we need to act accordingly.
-If I played by the rules of the investment industry and had a slightly sociopathic mindset, I could be making a boatload in the investment community. I certainly would not be creating a need for someone in which they would buy a useless service or read a site like ZeroHedge.

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