A response to a subscriber; Thoughts on BLM and advice on day trading

Hi Chris,

To those who don’t understand the conspiracy for global government, our manufactured reality can be scary

Thank you for your recent podcast. I always enjoy listening to your perspective on things. The protesting and BLM movement is so insane to me. I am a black woman and there is almost no one to speak to in the black community to express how stupid everyone is! If you even look like you don’t support BLM you are shunned out of existence! Lol! My husband and my mother are about the only 2 black people I know that see what an absolute fraud this all is! I just don’t even talk to people about it and I leave the environment when I hear them getting stirred up over it. These people are literally losing sleep over this and I pray for them that God will take the scales off of their eyes so they can see they’ve been duped!

I also wanted to ask you if you have any advice on how to start with day trading? My nephew has been talking to me about it and he seems pretty excited about it. I have plenty of time now to research and read up on things since we are on summer break. Where would you recommend I start as a beginner who knows nothing about stocks and who wants to understand day trading?

I appreciate your time in reading this and I pray God continue to give you wisdom and understanding in these days!


Here was my response (edited for grammar):

Hi S.P.,

Manufactured scams help the central banks

I sincerely apologize for not getting back sooner. I was out of commission for a month and didn’t answer any emails, and just came across yours. Let me think how to respond about the things you talk about.

My friend spoke with her college friend, and her friend’s partner is an ER doctor. He was telling her that the whole virus thing is a scam. While he said it was political, and to some extent it has been painted that way, we know there is much more to it. He works in the ER full time and said there has been no real uptick in any of the stuff the media is claiming. So, I ask, why is this being pushed so hard? I think we talk about it on the blog.

It’s so sad to see this country falling into the abyss while the average folk have their concerns redirected into other subjects. This is not by chance. There is a guiding hand in all this and I am just amazed how it has all unfolded. So quickly, too.

We theorized that there would be one crisis after another, and that each time, the yield curve would sink lower. Imagine what type of crisis it will take to get the US 10-year yield to 0% or below. I shiver at the thought. The engineers of this end-time conspiracy we discuss are the true conquerors of the people. If the people really knew who their true enemy was, all this would just go away, but the scales are not coming off their eyes anytime soon. I try not to get too sad about it, but according to the Bible, they are not meant to know.

I know that my response was not timely, but if your nephew is still interested, I can help him. I have a few pointers to get him going in the right direction (e.g. not to make the massive mistakes that can literally wipe out an account’s equity while he learns how to trade based on his psychology).

  • I identify 35-40 stocks that interest me and other traders, and that I can understand their trading action.
  • I always scale into a position when the stock is down and quiet.
  • I always scale out of at least some if not all of the position as it rises, especially on news.
  • Never deviate from the plan. NEVER. As a rule, I do not buy into a position immediately after a run up. There are many stocks that I am tempted to gamble on, but that would mean deviating from the game plan.
  • If I deviate from the game plan, I have less than 50% chance of success. When I stick to my rigid guidelines I have about a 70-75% chance of success, and any losses will be small.
  • One bad mistake can wipe out 10 good trades.
  • I tend to have about 6-7 trades open at a time and whenever one pops, I unload. I try not to keep massive positions overnight, since we never know what can happen after hours. This is especially true of the stocks that are popular with Robinhood traders.
  • Keep the positions reasonable in size versus the account equity.
  • Day trading accounts must be treated differently than accounts with longer-term holdings. I always recommend two different accounts. Most of the stocks I day trade I know little to nothing about other than the reason they’re moving at the time.
  • Very frequently, I am all cash in my day trading account, especially when I am away from my screens for an extended period of time.
  • Despite what many say, it pays to be near the trading screens most of the time. Only those who are trying to sell you a trading service will tell you otherwise. There are many opportunities during the day when it pays to dump a position on a random price spike and being at the screen affords us the opportunity to profit.
  • I normally do not recommend standing stop limits, stop loss orders, etc., since I suggest we be more active in our trading.

Once again, I apologize for not getting back sooner. and I thank you for your continued interest.


Here is one more thought. There are many good books out there, but I do not recommend relying on a trading service. Successful traders also do not rely on those who post on the message boards. However, the message boards can be useful to us as they can help us gauge trader sentiment. Don’t become subjectively involved with these posting boards, since there are many scammers out there.

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