08/02 Update  – Subscriber Q&A Part 2; Stocks to own, Post-election concerns, Thinking outside the box

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-What I think will happen in the U.S. post-election.
-Investing based on a weaker dollar. Investing in alternative assets and businesses.
-The dynamics of this dollar system in a post-election environment. My concerns about government actions in the wake of the election. A post-dollar world is being entertained as a vote against nationalism. Don’t wish for something too hard, you may just get it.
-The stocks that I would look to hold regardless of the dollar’s situation.
-Financial planners and investment managers suffer from an inherent conflict of interest. They will always recommend investments that they can control. Overcoming social proof is essential to successful investing.
The typical advice articles in the business press deter us from owning assets that cannot be professionally managed.
-The obsession over racism; the average person in the world senses something is terribly wrong, but is in complete denial and suffers from misplaced frustration and fear. These folk are stuck in the first phase of the Kubler-Ross Model. They are proceeding through the five stages of grief and are completely unaware of their circumstances.
-You must separate yourself from the rest of humanity as they are slowly going insane. They are mourning the deaths of their former lives and aspirations, but don’t yet know it. That is gone forever.
-More than any other period in our lifetimes, we must think outside the box and develop other ways to make money. If you are unwilling to climb out of your comfort zone, I can’t help you. There is no easy way around this. It will only get worse over time.

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