7/28 Update; Making sense of current events, so we can plan for the future

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-If there are future collapses, it won’t because the owners of the central banks lost control. The collapses will be planned and they will control the entire process. Thus, we can make more viable investment and personal decisions.
CBO Releases New Economic Projections and the numbers around the world are just mind blowing.
-The US government is already planning for a post-dollar world and is working with domestic firms to bring back important supply chain components.
DOD Announces $77.3 Million in Defense Production Act Title III COVID-19 Actions
-I view platinum as a relatively attractive tangible asset, and would expect that its role as a store of wealth will encourage its hoarding.
-The transformation of humanity since 9/11 has so drastic that there is absolutely no way we can return. Mental health is becoming a huge growth area in healthcare and that’s because most people are slowly going insane. Of course, this was the intention.
-The globalists know that people are going to begin snapping more and more and their social media firms document every bit of humanity’s demise. Even many of the Christians who thought they’d be raptured out of this mess will be left to deal with it like everyone else.
-Just because many people are going to have a tough time handling what’s coming down the pipe, this doesn’t mean we have to be one of them. I think we have a good handle on how to move forward.
-The Synagogue of Satan is exploiting its monetary system for these final phases. I surmise that the end will come when 100% of GDP is on the asset balance sheet of the Federal Reserve. So that is a rough timeline that you and I have to go on.
-War will be used as an excuse for ridding us of the concept of the nation state. It will undo the current monetary system that has been vital for the elites to consolidate the global wealth. It will be jettisoned when they feel they have achieved their wealth targets. It is clear that they are burning the bridge behind them. War is the perfect reason for change.
-I believe they are now letting gold run on purpose and to allow the true colors of the condition of this monetary system to be revealed.

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