07/12 Update – How to move forward during these last days in a world of ever-greater centralized control

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-Financial self-sovereignty is the key to overcoming.
-We can judge a person by their fruits. The founding fathers were not obsessed with centralized control. In fact, they eschewed a powerful centralized form of government and resisted a privatized central banking system. These people may have been Freemasons, but the Freemasons of 250 years ago were nothing like those of today. The ones today are obsessed with globalism and centralized power.
-A commentary on the formation of the United States with a warning for those who dislike the USA of today.
-The Bible is pro-nationalism, while Satan needs a centralized global government
-The technology for the end time system discussed in the Bible is already developed. The only hindrance is the people’s willingness to accept it. The people have overwhelmingly rejected the Bible and the gospel has been preached to the whole world.
-The private central banking cartel has already effectively formed the prototype global government. Through these QE-style programs, the private banking elite have turned the nation-state governments and international corporations into golem that are all thinking with one hive mind.
-The wealth consolidation needed for the elites to gain the power to carry out their final stages of this end time regime has yet to conclude. We need to move forward under this spiritually oppressive system, because it will get much worse for all of us.
-By becoming financially self-sovereign, we can more effectively overcome many of the obstacles that the globalists throw in our paths that force us to depend on them.

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