July 9th Podcast – A response to a subscriber; Real estate investing for long-term success

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Good Evening Chris,

I am an ambitious young man that views your website from time to time. I was wondering if you could give me the following real estate investing advice:

(1) All else created equal which has the best rate of return: single family homes , condos, apartment buildings, duplex/triplexes/quads, or commercial real estate. If a young man saved a fair some of money (say 300k for example) and could afford the down payment for any of them, which of the above would give him the best rate of return.

(2) In state vs out of state real estate investing. I live in a fairly expensive area, but in other states there are significantly cheaper deals than my local area. Do you think managing out of state real estate properties is difficult and is out of state estate investing worth it? If so, what parts of the country would you recommend real estate investors look for in order to get the best rates of return?

(3) What is your opinion on real estate investing companies? Are they worth it and if so what companies would you recommend?

Best Wishes,


-This podcast provides the listener with a thorough background to real estate investing basics. Topics include;

  • The advantages and disadvantages of investing in each type of property (Detached SFR, fee simple townhome, condo, mult-unit, commercial)
  • Does commercial investing make sense for people like us?
  • The important math basics behind determining what to pay for your properties. We can learn the methods that can help us determine the fair market values of houses, town-homes, multi-family, and condos, as well as any commercial property.
  • Which types of properties hold up better under difficult economic circumstances
  • Where to concentrate your efforts
  • My recommendations behind each form of ownership (REITS, LPs, self, LLCs)
  • Does crowd funding and such make sense?
  • Acquiring the necessary skills that sets the stage for your long-term success
  • The massive tax benefits that accrue with direct ownership, which are simply not available with other forms of ownership
  • How we go about choosing areas with which to look
  • How we deal with our circumstances if we live in high cost areas.

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