A response to a subscriber: What will happen to all the illegal activity in a cashless society?


A major impediment to implementing the cashless society is: What will be done about the vice economy? For example, as I’m sure you are aware, governments and the oligarchs profit immensely off the drug trade. With a cashless society, how can the wholesale and street level drug trade be conducted? Will buyers be able to swipe their debit cards with their dealer?

One solution would be complete legalization of all drugs. Moreover, as the oligarchs and government also profit off of human trafficking, the illegal arms trade, underground gambling, and so on; all of these activities would also have to be legalized and regulated by TPTB.

All that would be a difficult sell even to the degenerate society we have today, wouldn’t it?

Maybe I’m missing something? Are there other ways the underground economy could be brought into this cashless system?

Moreover, wouldn’t cashless lead to an explosion in the barter economy?

Thank you so much for what you do.

Godspeed and God bless!


This reader brings up some interesting points. How do the governments bring all this illegal activity into the light?

How will people pay for their illegal drugs, wagers, and sex in a cashless society?

The illegal international drug trade is as important to maintaining the dollar status quo as the U.S. Fed’s IOER mechanism. Most of these dollars flow out of the U.S. and help to keep the greenback as the global currency.

Much of the Western hemisphere to a great extent has been effectively dollarized as this process has already spanned a few decades, and The Brady Bond program of the 1980s-90s comes to mind in this regard. The phony war on drugs was designed to consolidate the vertical integration of the drug trade and to help facilitate the offshoring of the industry and the dollar, so that the U.S. could better sterilize their currency printing. Notice how this fake war on drugs was conducted as the massive fiscal deficits began to accrue under the two Reagan regimes. Thank George Bush for that. Who says deficits don’t matter?

Ecuador and Panama use the dollar as their currency. Obtaining a mortgage in Brazil and other Latin American nations in their local currency is also difficult for many borrowers, with many just transacting in the USD.

Okay, with this as a background. What would happen if we went cashless? The answer is fairly straightforward here. Under the current monetary hierarchy, the elites are not ready to pull the plug on physical currency, and may never stop issuing physical currency. Though the technology has advanced to the point that we could go cashless, and essentially has gone cashless, the elites are not yet ready to transform the system completely. While the parallel cashless system is being phased in as the people accept it, this current system is key for facilitating the elite’s wealth consolidation, and there is still more consolidation to come. Though the drug trade is worth ten of billions a year, most transactions are small in nature, and in the U.S. this is intentionally overlooked for now.

When will this change? When and if the USD is no longer needed by the elites.

As we can see, the subscriber does answer his own question. I have to believe that as humanity becomes more depraved over time, once-taboo activities like drug consumption, illegal gambling, and prostitution will move out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Many of the laws regarding gambling have been modified and relaxed over the past decade as the internet has grown in its influence over the industry. There these activities can be taxed and made part of the economy.  Concurrently, the media campaign to desensitize us rages on in this regard. I observe that prostitutes are now called sex workers, and marijuana dealers are now care givers.  It is very effective in sanitizing previously immoral activities.

As for the meth and cocaine trade, I have to believe that as long as the USD is the global reserve currency, the international drug cartels (controlled by global intelligence) will flourish. Once we go totally cashless, we will only be able to satisfy our drug addictions with pharmaceuticals.

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