06/27/2020 Update – Making financial predictions based on the tenets and goals of the WEF, IMF, and BIS

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-Don’t be overwhelmed by the current manufactured crises and economic circumstances; we can still come out ahead financially. We can respond to most outcomes as long as we are prepared properly. For example, if the government provides trillions in slave reparations, and we are not a recipient, we can still take action to make a lot of money. Inaction will mean a further loss of financial wealth.
-I proffer a number of economic predictions and offer some financial recommendations based on my recent observations as well as my analysis of the following recent articles published on the World Economic Forum’s website:

WEF – COVID accelerated the formulation of a global digital payments system. Contactless transactions highlights racial and economic inequalities. Digital wallets and payment cards are discussed as a means to circumvent inefficiencies in government transfers and transactions. The central banks are making great strides in establishing digital currencies based on blockchain.

WEF – In today’s uncertain environment, the global corporations need to implement a supply chain based on blockchain technology.

WEF – The $9 trillion spent on government bailouts was money well spent as it came with strings attached. These strings were based on social justice, economic equality, climate change, and saving jobs. The central banks play a vital part.

WEF – The trillions spent are not enough. Trillions more needs to be spent to provide social safety nets. They highly recommend it along the lines of the Great Reset and the New Normal.

WEF – There are a number of programs and ideas that can be employed to help. Reparations may make sense.

-A discussion of cryptocurrencies, gold, and the yield curve.
-The reasons why I do not favor commodities as a secular hold, but have always recommended gold. There is plenty of upside potential to gold and the latest COT report can be seen as bullish.
-The non sequitur; A discussion of how a veteran alt-financial writer gets his recommendations wrong even though his analysis has some merit. If the economy is in the dumps like most alternative economists claim, why would I be bullish on commodities? These conclusions are hard-wired and never change.
-Police reform; Current police policies were a direct result of the federalization of the police forces by the DHS in the wake of 9/11. The local jurisdictions were encouraged to hire the type of police officer that currently is being criticized as brutal and capricious. The police forces are now paramilitary units and were established that way on purpose. Police forces were discouraged from hiring anyone with more than a normal IQ.

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