06/26 Market Update – The asset markets in focus; Capitalizing and profiting on a bleak future

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 27:43)

-Despite claims to the contrary, much of the alt-media have trouble objectively comprehending this new monetary system, its operations, and its outcomes.
-My contentions with Joel Skousen and others in the alt-media; Arguing from incredulity will never provide the basis for making sound investment and personal decisions. These people should know better, but are also handicapped with their confirmation biases.
-Asset markets discussed with timely predictions and recommendations.
-Keep in mind that government largesse is easy to obtain during a major election cycle.
-What the Fed has planned and what to look for going forward.
-The government’s upcoming post-election tough love approach and how depression-era type spending can be employed while the nations are struggling with lower price inflation.

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