6/21/2020 Update – Don’t be fooled; The agendas behind the “Great Reset” and “New Normal” mean higher asset prices

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-A personal note on why I have not been active.
-The concept of the Great Reset agenda, according to the WEF, is really a phony reset, and will only mean more wealth and power consolidation for the few and punishing austerity for those the agenda is ostensibly designed to help.
-There is absolutely no criticism of the central banking cartel on the WEF website. The owners of the central banks have manufactured these crises that have been the catalysts for these phony changes.
The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” website
-The facilitation of the Great Reset and New Normal is only made possible with central bank stimulus. Thus the Great Reset agenda spending and higher asset prices are mutually inclusive.
-An analysis of recent real estate trends.
Monthly Report on Housing Affordability
Market Summary – May 2020

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