6/07/2020 Update -Don’t overestimate humanity;  The KISS guide to making money

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 46:48)

-The internet’s role in impoverishing the world.
-Analysis of gold, stocks, bonds, and commodities
-Analysis of residential real estate
-The mind control and conditioning is virtually complete. There is absolutely no going back. We are done as we know it and now have to accept what is coming.
-My experience with day trading against Robinhood app users. It’s like stealing candy from a baby’s mouth.
-The elites have conditioned humanity to act like a bunch of godless animals. You may disagree with me, but they have already won. The game is over, and it’s up to each of us to move forward on our own.
-The one stock I did recommend on my blog (4/6 post) during the downdraft was SPLK @110. That was the biggest winner around, hitting a 190 high.

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