5/20/2020 Market Update – The least accurate alt-financial writers and websites get all the MSM and controlled alt-media exposure

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 18:45)

-My blog’s thesis has been consistently correct for at least seven years, but I will never receive any coverage. I continue to pull ahead, because I listen to my advice. Have you? Unfortunately, I doubt it. I get lumped in with the hundreds of ignorant and disingenuous alt-finance writers and YouTubers.
-A discussion of the big picture and what I see for the next couple years in the asset markets.
Affordable housing markets see prices rising as the number of homes for sale continues to drop
-Overall death rates during this flu season in the United States are down 2% when compared to the past three. This means there were no flu or pneumonia cases as they were all categorized as COVID 19.
-The Christian, alt-media, and MSM Cassandras sang to the same sheet of music to paint an apocalyptic picture. There was a picture, but it was planted in their minds. This caused the manufactured economic collapse that provided the excuse to drop interest rates and consolidate global control via QE and such.

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