5/17/2020 Update – Market trends and monetary policy; News tidbits; A further discussion of the elites’s agenda to pervert Christianity 

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 48:09)

-A discussion of market trends in light of the latest fiscal and monetary policy initiatives. A discussion of gold and silver, short-term rates, mortgages and real estate, and equities.
-The Fed is handicapped in establishing NIRP as the dollar is the reserve currency. What about IOER, MM funds, global dollar swaps, repos, and the 80% of all physical dollars that are held outside the country?
More talk of UFO’s in the MSM
Poland’s fake nationalist president quotes Talmud to fight Covid-19
-The differences between the earthly and temporal bible timelines and the spiritual timeline.
-As observers of our adversary, we need to understand the esoteric underpinnings that drive the elites and their secret societies as they establish their new world order. The Synagogue of Satan and Freemasons are obsessed with Old Testament genealogies and earthly timelines.

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