5/11/2020 Update – In response to a number of emails; How to spot the best YouTube preachers

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Note: I received 6-7 emails as a result of my prior podcast, with the subscribers specifically asking me about YouTube preacher recommendations. I do not discuss the markets, so if this subject does not interest you, please disregard.

-In these final days, remnant Christians are finding it increasingly difficult to find a true church that has not been compromised.  Our next choice is to seek pastors and preachers on the internet.
-Many of the topics I discuss are now considered politically incorrect and racist. There will only be a few left who will dare discuss this stuff.
-While there is no one pastor on YouTube that can fulfill all the needs of each person, I use a checklist of criteria that helps me to see if someone is worthy of my time;

  • Does your preacher understand the differences between the modern nation-state of Israel and the Israel of the Bible? Does he say that the Old Testament was written for the Jews and that the Jews were God’s chosen people? Can your preacher locate the modern-day equivalent nations based on their references in the Old Testament? Does your preacher know who received the namesake “Israel?”
  • Does you pastor believe that the Bible must be taken literally?
  • Does your preacher say that we all basically worship the same God?
  • Does your preacher adhere to the “once-saved-always-saved” doctrine?
  • Does he preach the pre-tribulation rapture?
  • Does your YouTube pastor prophesy with dreams and visions? Does he (or she) sell books and merchandise? Do they appear on Judaizer shows?
  • How often does you pastor talk about hell and the eternal judgement? Jesus talked about hell more than heaven.

-My take is that the nation-state of Israel was established by the Synagogue of Satan private banking families to be the keystone piece of deception for the tribulation period.
-In the late 1800’s, the protestant seminaries were infiltrated by the secret societies, so that they could pervert Chirstian doctrine. This included introducing the idea that the Jews were God’s chosen people and are the true Israel. This set the table for establishing the nation-state of Israel and for Christians to misdirect their worship in the last days. Concepts like the “pre-tribulation rapture” and the “once saved, always saved” idea gained traction during this period as well.
-All the other religions have a number of things in common, and were ultimately established by devils to deceive the great masses of humanity. Islam is a cheap counterfeit to Christianity; The description of Allah in the Quran closely resembles that of Satan’s in the bible. The concept of Abrogation and how Islam apologists use this to deceive. Hinduism has 333 million gods.

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