5/09/20 Update – Investing and living in a world engineered to go insane; We are NOT all in this together

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– I respond to reader emails. I discuss the multifaceted psychological attacks against humanity. The simultaneous introduction of all these concepts is not by chance. By fostering cognitive dissonance and employing advanced gaslighting techniques, the new world order elites have been slowly driving the population insane.

  • The NWO engineers are gaslighting investors as the world transforms its monetary and economic systems
  • The mainstream press have recently introduced the UFO disclosure narrative
  • Soviet Russia and ChiComm China have stepped up their gaslighting campaign against a demoralized and vulnerable West regarding this engineered coronavirus bioweapon
  • These manufactured crises will accelerate as the elites know that they can get away with it and the timeline can speed up

-What negative interest rates mean to us as investors. What to expect going forward and how to exploit the ostensible insanity to profit and stay afloat.
-In the NWO, 2 + 2 really does equal five, and it can as long as the population believe it. It’s normal for commodity prices to go negative. NWO Economics 101 can explain why house prices and rents will rise in an economic collapse. This is all normal in the NWO
-What this all means for real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, commodities.
-As long as we have Netflix, the internet, and cell phones, there will be no civil unrest. The only time we will have riots in the US is if Trump is reelected and he lets the states go bankrupt.
-There is no where to run. The same narrative is being promoted in every nation that is not listed in Ezekiel 38-39. While most see chaos, I see order. Change agents in the church have us disagreeing over trivial matters.
-An analysis of Ezekiel 38-39 and Genesis 48-49. Knowing how this upcoming global war unfolds is dependent on having a knowledge of biblical prophecy
-The elites are ratcheting up the gaslighting and conditioning by employing a number of simultaneous psychological operations. They want us to doubt everything, including our sanity, because only a demoralized population will fall for anything. They want us to unconditionally surrender as easily as possible.

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