The world’s two biggest existential threats and the timeline to war with Communist China

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-A discussion of our overall timeline to the contemplated global force majeure, and how much time we have left.
-A discussion of the world’s two biggest threats to our existence:
1) The cartel of private central bank owners with their unfolding NWO agenda, and how they plan on achieving their desired results. The Bible calls them the Synagogue of Satan.
2) The Chinese Communists, who were supported and propped up by the Synagogue of Satan as a controlled adversary for WWIII.
-I analyze the timeline in light of Joel Skousen’s latest analysis on this week’s World Affairs Brief. Click the link to download a pdf copy. I have nothing to gain by supporting his work, but I do suggest getting a subscription.

this week's World Affairs Brief. Click the link to download a pdf copy


-A discussion of a speech given by Chi Haotian. The ChiComm Chinese promise to be even more brutal and ruthless in their war campaign than the Japanese during WWII.
-This timeline and conspiracy fully conforms to the teachings of the Christian Bible. I have to believe that, based on their behavior, these elites and power centers have all made specific pacts with the devil and have been promised immunity from judgment.

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