4/22 Market Update – Federal spending escalating by the day; gold finds a floor; UN warns of ‘biblical’ famines

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-I can’t keep up with all the new spending programs. Another half trillion in spending approved by Senate since my last podcast yesterday morning. House approval likely tomorrow.
-Federal deficit likely to be around $4 trillion this fiscal year, without any new spending programmes.
-Elite mouthpieces and change agents Mnuchin, Kudlow, and Schumer are pounding the table for more deficit spending and lockdowns. Since yesterday, Senators Schumer and Pelosi have been publicly contemplating another $2 trillion in state and local bailouts immediately.
-Most of the fiscal spending and monetary stimulus goes to the top 1% first. These top echelons get first dibs on these funds to buy up assets. We get stuck with the debt balance obligations. This is why we need to own income generating assets.
-In order to scare the governments into bankruptcy, the UN is warning of famines of biblical proportions.
-Gold has been the clear winner in all this. The low a couple nights ago on the front month contract was $1,666. I look for a test of recent highs. It’s clear that given the price action, the elites are hoarding the gold.
-I have to believe on some level that the elites are consolidating wealth as quickly as possible, because some future event is coming.

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