April 21st Morning Update – A retest of prior lows on most assets is probably coming

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-It is clear that the methods employed by the Western nations are not working and that we must start to go back to work. The economy will collapse if current remediation practices continue.
-The establishment narrative is leading to only one outcome.
-The problem with achieving consensus is exacerbated by the childlike political acrimony between the major political parties.
-Overnight action in the commodity markets is warning that a retest of the prior lows may be imminent. This is signalling that the economy is weaker than anticipated.
-If we fail to hold the 200-week S&P futures mva, eventually housing of all sorts will follow. The longer a lockdown holds, the more likely people will start to dump housing.
-Gold set to test 50-day mva. It doesn’t look good for btc either.
-It is important to hold cash as assets prices have further to fall.
-So far USTs are holding up.

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