A response to an email; The top 10% leverage the internet and monetary policy to exploit the bottom 90%

Trickle-down theory is trickle-up reality
Jeff Bezos is right; The joke is on us

“I think the Internet in its current incarnation is a confirmation bias machine… I worry that some of these technologies will be very useful to autocratic regimes to enforce their will.”

Jeff Bezos, October 2018

It’s easy to see that the country’s richest households have been consolidating an ever-greater share of the nation’s wealth over the past 30 years. Since the internet went mainstream in 1995, and after the Fed established QE in 2008, the nation’s wealthiest households have continually prospered at the expense of the bottom 90%.

The 90-99th & 99th percentiles of all American households continue to build wealth at the expense of the bottom 90%. The bottom 50% essentially own nothing
Has the internet been the great equalizer? Since the internet went mainstream in 1995, the loss of wealth in the 50-90th & the bottom 50th percentiles has been staggering


I never hear you cover the wealth transfer taking place, or have I missed something? Or do you not find it concerning?

Love your talks. I sent it to my brother who is finally waking up to the Beast system upon us.

Thanks for all you do, amigo! New Mexico’s a great state! One of my very liberal brothers lives in Santa Fe. Nice town, lots of wonderful history, but…


Here was my response (edited for grammar);

We talk about the wealth transfer all the time. We see how the advent of the internet in 1995 accelerated the trend b/w the bottom 90% and top 10%. The information super highway was supposed to be the great equalizer, but it has only been, as Jeff Bezos said, “a confirmation bias machine.” Social media only further sped up the process.

On the central banking side, the manufactured crises only support the monetary programs, which are exploited [by those with the assets] to lever up and buy up the global economic capacity. This, [of course, is to the detriment of the bottom 90%] who are mostly hooked on the internet and social media, with all the confirmation biases it engenders.

This is why I say that the internet has helped the elites to exploit the weaknesses of humanity. [The rapid transformation of society via these manufactured crises] has only been made possible with social media and the internet.

We need to look in the mirror and take a personal inventory if we are to complain about being forever poor. It all starts with the person in the mirror.

The globalists exploit our confirmation biases to fracture society over relatively trivial issues. The shards of this fracture are effectively neutered in a sea of political correctness and rendered ineffectual. The new world order agenda is then allowed to steamroll through relatively unopposed.

With the internet, we freely hand over all of our personal information. Our owners know us better than we know ourselves.  They then attach us to the shackles of debt and we allow them to take our birthright. For those drowning in a sea of personal red ink, they need to look in the mirror before blaming the government and Illuminati. Why do you think there is so much advertising on the web? Because it works. The “confirmation bias machine” of Jeff Bezos has rendered the average person completely unable to make sound long-term financial and personal decisions. Mr. Bezos didn’t become the wealthiest man (at least publicly) by being a nice guy. He exploits our weaknesses to get us to spend until we are beyond broke.

Some may say that they use the internet to study economics and the new world order, and that without it, they would have less understanding. That may be correct, but for every person like this, there are ten others who  primarily use it to post on Instgram and Facebook.

How are we going to use the internet? If we use it like the average person, we will only do what the average person is doing, and will drift further into poverty. We all have biases, but recognizing them is the most important step to overcoming.

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