In response to a subscriber email, I offer some economic and market predictions

Most of the forecasting research is a waste of money

Hi Chris,

I enjoyed your insight and commentary on the Bernanke interview.

I was wondering how this new era of austerity will effect the stock markets moving forward. With the average retail Joe reducing or eliminating his 401k contributions because of austerity and lowered living standards; he will not being able to prop up the markets with chump change mutual fund contributions- surely liquidity will be reduced. Will just the elites propel the markets higher?

DOW 45,000 is forecasted by some, like Armstrong, then food shortages and economic depression in about the year 2024, and then a war. I would rather have your insights than these Alt Media/financial guru frauds.

Here is my response;

The mind of an alt-financial media follower in the future

We do not need to buy expensive forecasting services to get a glimpse into the future. Based on Ben Bernanke’s comments, it seems apparent that the Fed and its owners will not let this financial system fall apart as imagined by the alt-financial media. If what Ben Bernanke says is true, and the Fed has plenty more room to expand its asset balance sheet, then I would not want to stand in front of this freight train.

Though many “retail Joes” may never again find gainful employment with a competitive wage, I view this dry-run national emergency as a warning for the future. Although humanity has been purposely distracted with the trivial, the future will be very bleak for those who are not emotionally and financially equipped to handle this unfolding NWO narrative. But to those who understand this timeline, they can hold up and prosper.

Think about it, Agenda 2030 will not appear out of no where; it will be implemented over time, and we are just entering the next phase. Humanity would never willingly accept these terms of surrender, but if they are scared enough, or if potential resistance believes they will be raptured out of here, then I see little opposition.

Unfortunately, I already see most of the alt-media followers improperly positioned going forward. As long as they doubt the Fed’s ability to keep spreading the needed trillions to consolidate its power over the markets and world, these disillusioned investors will continue to bleed.

Last decade provided us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build net worth, yet most alt-financial followers were advised to sit on their hands. For instance, the 2010’s was the most auspicious time in modern history to begin building a profitable portfolio of rental real estate. Borrowing rates were low, capital was available, and price ratios were the lowest since the late 90’s. Last decade’s easy financial conditions also provided us with fertile ground to build businesses. Although the stock market has been beaten up here, long-term investors who rode out the problems of 2008 have been rewarded. Even bond investors have fattened up their balance sheets.

Now that the elites have decided to begin deliberately shutting down parts of the economy and to lower its capacity, this window to build a balance sheet has quickly closed for the ignorant and risk averse. They will now be held hostage to the increasingly grim NWO narrative.

Mr. Bernanke’s comments were very revealing as they pointed to a future world of personal austerity, pain, and corporate consolidation across all sectors of the economy. All the programs the Fed is promoting are tailored specifically for the large corporations and it is clear that the Fed’s owners are extremely concerned about maintaining their power and control over its monetary system. Even its “Main Street” lending program is geared to businesses with 500-10,000 employees. The owners of the Fed are also planning for an environment where the U.S. government is no longer functional or up to the task to keep the lights on.

With respect to my predictions for the future, I think they speak for themselves. Given my outlook for society and the power of the Fed, I see a possible DOW 45,000 scenario. Of course, the alt-media followers will observe in disgust and disbelief as the net worth disparities widen, but I see these types of numbers are likely. This large drop in the major stock averages provides the fuel to rocket stocks higher over the next few years.

As I mentioned before, because of this dry-run national emergency,  I estimate that there will be at least 20-30 million newly and permanently unemployed people here in the U.S.  The Fed views these lost souls as collateral damage and its owners have formulated no plans to help the average citizen.  The average American consumes more than 3,600 calories daily – a 24% increase from 1961, when the average was just 2,880 calories. Ask yourself, how will these people find the money to get food? They have never experienced real hardship and I worry that these people will increasingly become a burden to the government.

Thus, I see the establishment of a labor camp system as the most viable answer to our future economic problems. These permanently disenfranchised people will produce the goods that the corporations used to produce overseas. If the US dollar collapses in global trade as many in the alt-financial media envision, then the corporations will have to repatriate its overseas production and supply chain capacity. The whole time, the Fed will support the publicly-traded companies and helped to maintain a floor under stock prices.

For those who cannot stop spending and have nothing to show for the opportunities from last decade, it will certainly feel like a depression. Welcome to the new world order.


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