Response to emails: What happens to the United States if the Coronavirus crisis persists?

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-A review of the U.S. Army’s Civilian Inmate Labor Facility Program. This program was discussed for expansion during the 2008 crisis and a modified form could provide millions of jobs for the ~20,000,000 that may never again find gainful employment.
-In a post-economically collapsed environment, these labor facilities could produce much of the items we previously imported. Economic collapses are deflationary in nature and this one would be no different. The U.S. could regain a competitive cost advantage.
-Contrary to the belief of the alt-media, the barbed wire fences of these camps would be turned around to keep people from trying to gain entrance. These CILF workers would have a roof over their heads, three square meals, and medical care provided. They would all be there voluntarily.
-The importance of the Patriot Acts going forward. The brave new world is already here and the unwashed will willingly accept anything now to relieve the pain and fear.
-The narrative is only providing for one outcome, forced vaccinations and ID cards with biometrics to prove one’s loyalty to the greater good. Maybe subdermals for private employees?
-The concept of the CCC from the Great Depression is discussed; a prototype from which to follow
-Donald Trump’s approval ratings have risen as he has spent $2-3 trillion in a reelection year. Perhaps if he was elected for a second term, he may decide to just roll it all up and let things collapse. Incumbents who are not allowed to run for office again may make the least popular choices. Maybe a Hillary victory would prolong the largess.
-On many levels, Trump has been a valuable asset to the globalists, and they may want him to either serve a second term or may just delay the election
-If this crisis persists until the fall, the elites may just keep it going during the winter months. Perhaps they may introduce more strains to demoralize the already demoralized masses.
-The news narrative keeps getting worse. The housing market looks to be blown to oblivion.
Continuity of Government in a post-economically collapsed environment.

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