4/1/2020 Market Update – Bear flags and broken mva’s; Coronavirus narratives and corporate consolidation

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-S&P futures forming a weekly bear flag and cannot get above the weekly and monthly moving averages
-Market action in commodities this week is indicating another down-leg in stocks.
-The only index holding up is the Nasdaq 100. Technology will play an important part in the NWO’s next phase
-The news feed and narrative are still the same as before, but there is more commentary from the so-called experts. Here is an opinion piece from Bill Gates, who is laying the groundwork for our future.
-Massive corporate consolidation seen in the major industries, especially in the domestic oil and retail sectors. In this instance, independent shale oil producers are angry that the majors are not seeking government assistance in international matters.
-Dollar still showing strength and is hampering market recovery. Bond yields still falling and is an encouraging sign that the massive consolidation wave is about to hit.

-Rental real estate will get hit hard here, and those who are over-levered will lose most of their equity. Those who do not have much debt and can collect their rents will benefit in the long run.

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