3/28/2020 Update – The coronavirus crisis; Navigating through the largest transfer of wealth in human history

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-It doesn’t matter whether this crisis is legitimate or not. This manufactured pandemic has the potential for formulating the largest transfer of wealth in human history. A discussion of how we can successfully navigate these waters. This isn’t a bailout, because that would imply moral hazard behavior at the top. This is a well orchestrated plan.
-I am observing that there has not been any let up in the media’s fear campaign. This tells me that the elites intend to maximize their asset grab. Perhaps we may see even more manufactured horror.
-There is a complete lockdown on the crisis narrative. Fox fires Trish Regan for minimizing the circumstances. There is a total blackout regarding the objective discussion of effective treatments and cures. The elites want to maximize this story line and political correctness rules.
-Many of the +30 million unemployed will never find gainful employment after the crisis concludes.
-Prices of the stocks of the companies that benefit from this crisis are holding up very well and some have even risen nicely. There is a lot of liquidity waiting to be deployed. Once the elites consolidate enough wealth, they will release the tension.

Those with cash and under-levered assets will once again come out ahead when assets post-crisis are selling at discounts

-Only a demoralized society can fall victim to these wealth transfer schemes. My concern is that the elites have seen how soft we have become and may try to increase the pandemic scares in the future. They seem to be effective.
-Permanent Fed assets up $1.5 trillion since the manufactured repo crisis. Fed assets now at $5.3 trillion
-The $2 trillion in fiscal stimulus is longer-term deflationary as the offsetting debt financing needs to be serviced. As the world is less able to service the total debt outstanding, the global economy sinks in a sea of deflationary red ink. Bond yields fall further and the monetary system is strengthened.
-I agree with Bernanke, Yellen and Powell; the Fed has plenty more fire power and can buy up so much more.
-Those who were under-levered going in to the downturn will be the most able to exploit the upcoming opportunities. The timeline is occurring so much faster than in 2008-09, because all the needed programs are already on the books.
-It is becoming increasingly clear that btc will not play a major role in the future of the global currency markets, though the libertarians who are anti-dollar and built the blockchain technology have served a useful role for the elites. I see digital dollars and other currencies. Services like Zelle are much better at transferring cash than btc and other alt-coins.
-Trends to stay; loss of freedoms, the demise of habeas corpus, indefinite detentions, the elimination of cash, though the USD will be the last one to go that route.
-Private real estate lenders pulling back entirely, leaving investors high and dry

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