3/22/20 Market Update – Stock investing; Keeping our perspective when analyzing the organized chaos to spot the upcoming opportunities

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-The success of the NWO in carrying out these manufactured crises have been only made possible since the late 1990s, when the FCC rewrote media ownership rules.
-My observations of the militarized news flow, and how to interpret the narrative. We need to clear away all the political correctness as well. There will never be any legitimate talk that the coronavirus may be engineered or that it affects some races more than others. No viable solutions have yet to be discussed.
-I doubt the elites want a “collapse,” but we need to comprehend and observe the well-coordinated time line to determine when opportunities exist.
-For those who held stocks through the downturn, we should continue holding, but keep in mind what sectors will be best positioned for the future narrative.
-Most of the damage is done, but there is a slightly less than 50% chance we could see another 25% downside from current SPX levels or 18% based on SPX high of 3,350. (<1700 SPX – 200-month MVA)
-I am not recommending new purchases of stocks right now, because I have to believe that since events unfolded so quickly, latent and current problems will emerge over time. Many investors are still in denial and have been contemplating a V- or U-shaped recovery; similar to the mindset that existed as the Nasdaq was crashing in 2000.
-There will be opportunities to buy stocks. I discuss what I am looking for when determining buying points. What sectors offer the most upside and where I intend to buy.
-My dad died 12 years ago. He grew up during the Great Depression and fought in WWII. The people back then were more resilient than those of today. They were not running around talking of a rapture to carry them away from harm and adversity.

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