3/20/20 Update – Why the US dollar is so important; The role the globalist-controlled media play in perpetuating this growing market calamity

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-The importance of tracking the value of the USDX over the longer term. A 25-year analysis of the USDX and its role in the fluctuations of the asset markets.
-These market movements make sense, given the crisis and the globalist media’s role in causing the panic. The dollar is behaving as expected in light of this unprecedented volatility. All the major markets are behaving as expected.
-The future timeline of this manufactured crisis depends on how the globalist-controlled media (and the fear-mongering alt-media) respond. Do they release the tension to reduce the panic? Do they continue to scare with a full-court press?
-In the post 2008 system, bonds, currencies, and commodities are behaving as we theorized they would.
-The optimal values of the USDX and what happens when it deviates from that sweet spot.
-The Fed may have to address the rising USDX by flooding the globe with negative-yielding dollars.

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