3/18/20 Update – Trillions in bailouts and yet the dollar continues to rise; Collapse from strength?

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-The elites infiltrate the alt-financial media with their change agents to make antithetical recommendations, so that those who are planning for collapse still lose money.
-Anyone telling you that the latest bailouts are hyperinflationary is either unqualified or a change agent.
-Sovereign bond yields have risen over the past few days, because traders know many trillions in spending and stimulus are coming.
-Trillions in elite bailouts and the dollar is still rising. Collapse from USDX strength?
-Will the Fed have to go to negative short-term rates to stem the strength of the dollar?
-The collapse preppers were only correct about the stock market. They were wrong on the dollar, bonds, commodities, silver, peak oil, and bitcoin. Even gold has not been stellar, but has only held its own.
-Once again, Malthus has been proven wrong.
-I warned the alt-financial preppers who were preparing for dollar weakness and rising bond yields that they were getting it wrong. Only three months ago, the alt-media were proclaiming $100 Brent crude after the Saudi drone attacks. Now they are claiming oil may go negative.
-Silver has gotten crushed. Wow…. so sad.
-We theorized that a collapse would come from dollar strength. It may be lights out, unless the Fed can add trillions more in bailouts and go negative on the rates.
-I take no money and offer no services, because of the potential for conflict of interest. Those selling survival gear and supplements will tell their followers that this pandemic is real and that millions will die.
-The fear is now the reality. The pandemic is most likely hot air.

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