3/12/20 Market Update – The coronavirus crisis compared to prior crises and how the bears got it wrong (again); A big warning for gold traders

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (Duration 19:55, 9:00 PM, gold 1,580)

-This current crisis is different than 2008. The 2008 crisis paved the way for Obama to be elected, but this current crisis does not necessarily make Trump look bad. The Democrats are promoting unacceptable candidates and Trump can come out of this looking good. It depends on his future actions.
-The alt-finance bears betting on a monetary system and dollar collapse have lost big here.
-Bitcoin undergoing unprecedented liquidation as I write
-The dollar holding up as yields collapse. The dynamics behind this post-2008 system are much different than the prior system.
-Commodities and silver & platinum are tickets to poverty
-Major technical damage to stocks. Bears do need to beware of breakthrough coronavirus treatments or vaccines
-A big warning for those trading gold long. Beware of forced liquidation
-This post-2008 system is ready and able to handle the upcoming trillions in emergency fiscal spending.
-High end real estate will get hit here. Working class housing with good numbers will hold up fine.

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