3/9/20 Market Update – The more we panic, the more the elites can drop bond yields

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-I provide an analysis on why bond yields must continue falling over time.
-This current crisis provides a multi-functional narrative to further the new world order. This coronavirus scare helps to further isolate humanity, promote political correctness and nihilistic despair, and personal tracking, while concomitantly strengthening the NWO monetary system.
-More isolation through technology; Amazon starts selling cashierless checkout technology to other retailers
-The post-2008 system is well designed to leverage these manufactured catastrophes.
-Panic in the street presents great opportunity for the owners of the central bankers to drop bond yields. The gains in bond prices have been spectacular and have been led by the gains in US Treasuries.
-The USDX has fallen hard as the yield differentials between the USTs and the other nation-state debt have narrowed tremendously.
-The best nation credits have responded the strongest. The weaker nation credits have seen yields rise.
-The oil markets illustrate the tendencies of this post-2008 monetary system. When crisis strikes, the price movements have been down.
-Mortgages in the U.S. will soon have a 2-handle and bidding wars have begun to break out this selling season.
-Once these problems sort themselves out, I see opportunities in stocks once again. The upside will be as fierce as the downside.

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