March 3rd Market Update – Falling bond yields show that the agenda is moving forward

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-With the current global problems, the central banks have been just handed a great opportunity to expand the balance sheets with QE. Demand contracts, prices fall, and bond yields drop. A self-feeding loop that works heavily in the favor of the elites.
-Death and destruction support this current monetary system. Under the current scenario, the pre-2008 system would have collapsed.
-The worse conditions get, the stronger this post-2008 system grows.
-Bonds and real estate are flying higher. Bonds will have to retrace these massive gains at some point, but the current 1.5% support on the 10-yr UST is the old 2% from only a couple weeks ago.
-The elites used the coronavirus scare to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Just amazing how fast it all turned.
Airbnb and short-term rentals cause house prices to rise.

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