February 28th Market Update; The reflex reactions are working as intended

Right click to download podcast (7:17 length, 5:40 AM EST)

-Charts repainted, but be careful about an engineered rally. Treasury Secretary, Mnuchin, and NEC’s Kudlow, on the Coronavirus task force.
-Eventually, this new reality will be priced in to stock prices. My concern is that this will all end up with more centralized management of data and supply chains.
-Bond prices explode here as yields continue to make new ATLs
-Watch out with gold and bitcoin. They are not behaving as intended and it reminds me of 2008. Maybe gold telegraphed the problems and now that they are clear, gold is retracing.
-Silver is an industrial metal and is getting hammered this AM.

I have a cold, so I am congested. Sorry about that.

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