2/10/2020 Update – Some thoughts on the current crisis timeline and what it means for investing

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-This system is being fed by crisis and uncertainty. Interest rates seem to want to keep going lower. The worse the economic prospects, the more stable the monetary system.
-Demand is contracting as the world swims in a sea of oversupplied markets. Commodities keep stumbling. This is great news for investors and helps the central bank agenda.
-Powell will give Congressional testimony tomorrow and Wednesday. I have to believe that he will tip his hat to the Coronavirus crisis. This crisis plays into the overall narrative.
-Based on recent market behavior, I have some suggestions on what I think will unfold.
-I am closing on another condo unit in about a week; the first property I purchased in about four years. It is in turnkey condition with a 10% cap rate, based on purchase price. All cash.

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