Is ZeroHedge correct? Governments acting as if Coronavirus is escaped bioweapon; Be prepared for MASSIVE emergency monetary stimulus

-Despite the still small number of those affected by this new coronavirus, the governments are acting as if there is something much more sinister at play.
China deploys 1,400 military doctors, nurses to staff makeshift hospitals in Wuhan
-Zero Hedge has actually been doing a thorough job with their reporting on the Wuhan Coronavirus. They have a alternate Twitter handle for now – @freezerohedge.

Daily 10-yr UST (candles) & 30-yr UST (line); Last weekend we mentioned the direction of yields would be down. Based on government behavior, something more serious is transpiring. Be prepared for massive emergency monetary stimulus.

-After viewing the Powell and Clarida interviews/press conferences, I can picture a scenario where the Fed may enact emergency monetary stimulus measures to help offset the growing coronavirus crisis.
-If the virus is able to be contained primarily within China, the need for emergency stimulus can be alleviated. If the crisis becomes truly international, the Fed will have to act as needed. Do not be short bonds, stocks, gold, or bitcoin.

Daily chart of WTI (blue), Hg (yellow), Dow Jones Commodity Index (red/green). Recent price inflation stemming from Mid-East tensions quickly turned into deflation as the coronavirus has forced the narrative.

-The commodity markets will remain net oversupplied for now, despite any productions closures. Demand will shrink much more quickly.

20-year performance of gold continuous contract (candles) and 10-yr UST (line); There is a high positive long-term correlation between lower bond yields (higher bond prices) and higher gold prices

-Despite the very bullish gold backdrop, this past Friday’s gold COT report is the most bearish in history. The Large Commercials have a net short position of slightly more than 360,000 contracts, which is slightly higher than 50% of total open interest. These numbers are staggering.
-The elites are struggling to contain gold prices. I believe that in the short run, they may fail, especially if the coronavirus crisis becomes more protracted, and the central banks are forced to act as we predict.
-By extension, I see BTC having a floor here for now. Do not count out a push to $10,000 this week.

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