Zero Hedge and the alt-financial media count on you having no memory

All Zero Hedge articles from 2009 to 2016 could have a current timestamp
The internet has been used by the elites to impoverish the masses and the data back me up on this one. Even though the bottom 90% do not think so, they have been gutted and disenfranchised

Over the past week or so, I received a few emails regarding my stance on Zero Hedge and the alt-financial media and what they are predicting for 2020, and felt the need to respond.

I have a subscription to [alt-finance expert] and he said I was too harsh on Zero Hedge and that we should just take it with a grain of salt….


I think 2020 is the year that this thing goes down. I have to agree with the others [in the alt-financial media] over your take on this one.


Who knows? Maybe for once, these outlets and writers will be right. But I doubt it. How can I rely on an outlet that has been wrong for over a decade? I wouldn’t, and you shouldn’t either.

Zero Hedge has been bearish on real estate since its 2009 founding
Even with its obvious and predetermined objectives, ZeroHedge’s followers continue to heed its “advice” and lose out

Okay, let’s assume that ZeroHedge is just exaggerating a bit, but is otherwise fairly accurate. We can easily verify if Zero Hedge is on the level. Let’s do a Google search for the following and see what comes up.

“Zero Hedge 2014 Real Estate”,
“Zero Hedge 2015 Real Estate”,
“Zero Hedge 2016 Real Estate”.

Anyone who searches on these terms will come up with dozens of articles on each search that will only either conclude there is a bubble or market peak. In fact, I do not see one bullish article in the hundred or so I came across.

10-Year performance of U.S. housing, which doesn’t include rental income returns. Based on 2014-2016 house prices, cap rates would be much higher than now.

So, what if you heeded the warnings of the alt-financial media and didn’t get involved with rental real estate last decade? You lost out on a once-in-a-generation opportunity to plan for your future and retirement. I am grateful I stopped listening to these broken clocks long ago.

Zero Hedge has been wrong on the stock market since 2009

I wonder how many investors and traders relied on ZeroHedge when going short TSLA, NFLX, or AAPL?

The Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index is a widely accepted benchmark for the U.S. equity market, and measures the performance of all U.S. equity securities with readily available price data

Once again, do a Google search for Zero Hedge articles regarding the “stock market” for 2014-2016. The findings are even more glaring. Zero Hedge has been wrong all decade. I am grateful I stopped considering its advice when I warned that gold was was going to tank in February 2013 (I wrote this article under a pseudonym). In fact, that’s about the time I weaned myself off of all alt-financial guidance and Alex Jones.

In fact, do a Google search for any year in the 2010’s and your results will be the same. Should I take Zero Hedge or its alt-financial lackeys with a grain of salt? Instead, I say that we should heavily discount or reject most of what they say, because their poor track records prove we should. Even if they turn out to be right, their logic and reasoning cannot be relied upon, as they would be correct more likely from chance.

Please understand why these charlatan outlets generate this type of reading and analysis. If these sources concluded what I report and analyze, they would never build any readership and sponsor base. The bottom 90% need to turn somewhere, and they predominantly steer toward the propagandist outlets like Zero Hedge. Those who have been effectively marginalized will be attracted to those who reaffirm their existing biases, even if they are better served by avoiding them.

Zero Hedge has been wrong about the repercussions of Fed policy since 2009

I came across a Zero hedge story this morning titled, Gundlach Round Table: “Jay Powell Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening In Credit Markets”, and wished to respond to its premise.

These are the types of articles that Zero Hedge pumps out by the dozen all day long. It paints a picture that illustrates a Fed that is in over its head and  losing control of the monetary system and credit markets. Of course, if I believed this stuff, I never would have invested in stocks, real estate, bonds, or any other asset tied to interest rates. I would have been out of the U.S. dollar and into gold and cryptocurrencies. While both cryptos and gold have been profitable over the longer term, they do not produce any passive income, and I would never have developed my income stream if I stayed in them.

If we can conclude that the Fed is carrying out another agenda and that what it does is well calculated, then we can invest and trade more profitably.

Why doesn’t Zero Hedge criticize the Russian Sphere?

One more thought regarding Zero Hedge. Why doesn’t Zero Hedge denigrate the Bank of Russia? Why doesn’t it criticize Vladimir Putin. After all, President Putin is looking to further consolidate his grip on power in the same way as the Soviet leaders. Zero Hedge seems to be peculiarly quiet when it comes to castigating the former Soviet sphere. Perhaps, there is more to this than meets the eye?

If you are looking to invest and trade over the long-term, please be careful when choosing the media outlets you rely upon for your news.

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