Some thoughts for those who refuse to believe of a conspiracy too large to conceive

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-Our observations of the overall world condition are important, because each one describes the mechanisms of a well-oiled machine that powers the new world order.
-This machine is run with money, and the elites completely control their own system. It is their economy and monetary system. We let them take over and they held us hostage with higher asset prices and the fear of poverty.
-Most market forecasters find the behavior of the central banks and governments baffling. I see something else.
-Netflix is really pushing the new world order narrative. Many new shows denigrating Christianity; Messiah, Lucifer, The First Temptation of Christ, etc., are being produced. This is not by chance. The promotion of death and nihilism abounds everywhere.
-If a person does not understand this conspiracy, he or she will not be able to make sound investment decisions. Indeed, this system to an untrained outsider looks untenable and unstable, but to those who know, it is viable and sustainable.
-To those economists out there who refuse to believe, I say, welcome to the new world order.

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