A response to a subscriber in Singapore; We all have the ability to overcome and succeed

We all have the potential to succeed. We need to stop living in fear and plan properly for the future.

Hi Chris,

I’ve been reading your blog since 2018 and [have] studied it religiously for quite some time now. I’m a firm believer of FIRE [financial independence, retire early] and I particularly loved George Carlin, but I know he rejects religion as he always said it is very self-limiting.

I [unshackled] myself and managed to achieve above market gains, although it’s not much as I’m based in Singapore. The elites here have been screwing the middle class by means of [limiting] property access and my worries are that they will one day make our financial markets unprofitable for anyone to further widen the gaps.

One fetish of human nature has always been the need to fight wars. The elites have since eliminated them (wars) but, replaced them with a more silent war for our minds and hearts…

Law and order and religious teachings [have been] totally reversed and defiled to keep the sheep sleeping. Because of this I no longer listen to modern music, watch dark-themed movies, and read modern literature anymore.

Defiance and being fearless is the only way to win this game. The stuff I read have taught me how to reverse engineer my life….


Here was my response;

Hi Jason,
Thanks for the email and for reading my blog.

I know this may seem ironic to my readers and non-remnant Christians, but like George Carlin, I too, avoid religion. I think that most organized religions have been usurped by darker forces with the intent to deceive and hinder us from attaining our rightful place. Regardless, I am an avid student of the Bible and would consider myself a Jesus man. The Bible has helped me a lot over the years, especially over the past dozen or so. It has helped me to uncover the concepts I write about on a daily basis. It works.

I have always said that the United States still provides the best opportunities anywhere. I say this, because despite what the media proclaim, the U.S. still has a stable legal framework, and a less punishing taxation structure that can reward hard work and ingenuity. Of course, within the U.S., some areas are better than others. I moved from New York and Maryland to Virginia to assist me in my investment and personal endeavors.

Nonetheless, I do not see these easy avenues in most other nations, except maybe the former Commonwealth countries. And even then, the tax burdens can be relatively overwhelming. Despite what we hear, a person in the U.S. can still succeed without having to bribe people, etc. I know the alt-media bashes the United States, but it still is better than other countries.

Regardless, it is possible to succeed in most nations, including Singapore. Singapore has really grown and moved up in status, and by emphasizing English it helps the country with business and financial market matters. While I have never been there, I watch YouTube and marvel at how it’s developed. I also communicate with others who have lived and traveled there.

As for the elites screwing people, this is true, because they have little concern for us, except to exploit us for profit. However, I have observed that most who struggle financially exhibit lethal and self-defeating behaviors, including making fear-based and subjective financial decisions. In addition, most people can no longer argue an idea in a logical manner and have lost their ability to think objectively.

We all have to look in the mirror before we blame others. The elites use their media to keep us down and promote this self-defeating and lazy behavior in the masses. This is why I try to get my readers to adjust their mindsets. Indeed, there is a conspiracy for our minds and hearts, but we don’t have to fall victim to it.

The truth is out there. For me it is the Bible, but religion pollutes its words. The internet, social media hive mind, TV and movies divert us away from seeing the truth. It sounds like you have taken the first steps to uncover reality as it really is. I hope you continue to build upon your budding wisdom and knowledge base.


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