December 20th Update – Hopes vs. reality; A monetary system designed for the new world order

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-The alt-financial dreams of collapse face a harsh reality. This monetary system is increasingly empowering the ruling class in a similar fashion to the way the ruling Hindu Brahmin class has been.
-80% of the Indian population does not matter and it has been that way for 5,000 years. Christianity in the West has been replaced by new-age doctrine that closely resembles air-brushed Hinduism. A similar societal structure based on debt slavery is being established in the West and the ruling elite are using their monetary system to achieve their goals.
-The NWO elites have been force-feeding us new-age Hindu ideas for 60 years for a reason. They are telling us we are the useless bottom class. Individual rights and personal freedoms don’t matter anymore. Most people see nothing wrong with exploiting others for personal gain.
-The repo market is already being viewed in the rear-view mirror as the Fed quickly ramps up permanent operations.
-We only need about $60 billion a month in longer-dated QE to keep this system moving forward for years.
-It doesn’t matter how large the alt-financial media have become; those with the assets rule. Those without the assets mean nothing to the world. The poor class are like the laborers or outcasts in the Hindu society. Most of the alt-finance followers fall into these categories.
-The alt-finance crowd are similar to the alt-Christian crowd. Both are looking for a divine intervention and expect imminent collapse. Both have been sorely disappointed and impoverished.
-Nationalist movements, populism, Brexit, trade tensions, geopolitical frictions, repo-market madness, impeachment diversions all serve one function; They all provide excuses for the central banks to empower the ruling class. I think of the Movie, Elysium.
-Our investment and trade decisions need to be keyed off of Fed and central bank policy changes.

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