December 15th Update – Repo market madness; a symptom of the disease that continues to fester and what I recommend

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-An analysis of the timeline for the global financial dictatorship. What the globalists still need to do before they pull the plug. Gun confiscation is a must before the elites crash it all.
-A number of subscribers ask me to comment on Martin Armstrong’s analysis about the repo market madness. Joel Skousen also is saying that the repo market will lead to catastrophe. Is he right?
Is ZeroHedge right?
-Why and how the repo market blew up. What’s next for the Fed?
-Why the banks are not lending.
-Recall last month’s CNBC’s discussion of the Fed nationalization of the overnight lending market
-Recall Bernanke’s Wile E Coyote moment comments. Trump’s trillion dollar deficits pushed that time frame forward. Will Powell, the gentile outsider take the blame?
-As the nation-state governments and their central banks get more desperate to bridge the funding gaps, they may begin to pay less attention to the repercussions of their actions and just let the asset markets go out of control.
The mainstream is trying to divert investor attention away from the Fed policy actions.

China’s growth outlook overtakes the Fed trajectory as the second biggest concern after U.S.-China trade issues

Source: Bloomberg survey of 57 fund managers, strategists and traders

-What I recommend from here on out. As asset prices move higher, the opportunity costs of holding cash fall. I have been spotting the beginnings of some reckless speculation in my areas of investment.

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