Response to a subscriber: KGB-trained Putin equates Communism with Christianity

A message to Vladimir Putin; There is nothing Christian regarding Communism nor the present Russian regime
Soviet Communism; Any form of government that kills 60 million of its citizens to consolidate its power cannot be trusted and certainly is not Christian

Note: These types of comments from Russia’s Putin should serve as a warning to those who still see him as some sort of champion who wishes to overturn the new world order. I strongly suggest to avoid any outlet that refers to the pro-Russia narrative. Shill outlets like Russia Insider, RT, and ZeroHedge have another agenda and that is not to spread the truth. They were established to mislead the West and spread its pro-Soviet propaganda. Moreover, their advice will impoverish their readers. My suggestion; do the opposite of what these propaganda charlatans advise.

This email is in response to a subscriber who forwarded me a link to an RT article from last year. I found it quite sobering and wanted to share the story with my readers.

Putin: The leopard doesn’t change its spots

Russian President Vladimir Putin has likened communism to Christianity and Vladimir Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square to the veneration of the relics of saints.

“Maybe I’ll say something that someone might dislike, but that’s the way I see it,” Putin said in an interview for the documentary Valaam, an excerpt of which was broadcast on Russia 1. “First of all, faith has always accompanied us, becoming stronger every time our country, our people, have been through hard times.

“There were those years of militant atheism when priests were eradicated, churches destroyed, but at the same time a new religion was being created. Communist ideology is very similar to Christianity, in fact: freedom, equality, brotherhood, justice – everything is laid out in the Holy Scripture, it’s all there. And the code of the builder of communism? This is sublimation, it’s just such a primitive excerpt from the Bible, nothing new was invented.”

Putin went further by comparing the Communists’ attitude to the Bolshevik leader Lenin to the veneration of saints in Christianity. “Look, Lenin was put in a mausoleum. How is this different from the relics of saints for Orthodox Christians and just for Christians? When they say that there’s no such tradition in Christianity, well, how come, go to Athos and take a look, there are relics of the saints there, and we have holy relics here,” Putin concluded.

After Lenin died in 1924, his body was embalmed and put on display in a mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow. The cult of Lenin was part of Soviet ideology. The public debate about the possibility of giving Lenin’s remains a proper burial began during the early days of Perestroika in the 1980s.

Putin’s words were music to the ears of Communist Party members. “I think these words of the president very effectively and reasonably smooth out the acute angles around the theme of the mausoleum,” Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov said on Sunday, as cited by Interfax.

Putin: Communist ideology similar to Christianity, Lenin’s body like saintly relics,

Vladimir Putin can claim that Communism is Christian, because his government no longer eradicates its priests and destroys its churches, but after killing 60 million of its own citizens, it no longer has to kill and destroy. Three generations of those raised under Soviet Communist rule were brainwashed and punished into submission. That residue exists today; very few dare to speak out against the current Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin.

There is nothing Christian about Socialism and Communism

Christians were instructed to give freely to other fellow Christians and to help those who spread the Gospel to the unwashed and unsaved. Jesus and the apostles told us to withdraw from those who refused to listen to this message and not to give to those who clearly refused to act in a Christian manner. Jesus didn’t instruct his apostles to open charities and give to everyone. He didn’t recommend that governments force taxes on the citizenry to fund benefits for everyone. Jesus told us that if a man refused to work, he shouldn’t eat.

Never forget this one important point; there is nothing Christian regarding Socialism and Communism.

With socialism, your punishing tax burden funds social largesse and most of these programs have nothing to do with promoting Christian ideals. I think of welfare programs that encourage birth out of wedlock, fornication, laziness, and its recipients to remain unmarried. I think of the promotion of abortion as well as the antichrist programming in the public schools. I think of the promotion of new world order ideals, such as homosexuality. I don’t think Jesus wished to advance the concept of an overbearing police state that tracked the actions of its citizenry.

Now, imagine you decided you didn’t wish to give to the government programs that promoted the NWO agenda. Imagine if you withheld paying a portion of your taxes, because you contested war based on your Christian principals. In most nations, including the U.S., you would lose your assets and would be jailed. In many nations you would be killed. There is nothing voluntary about socialism and with communism, avoiding its power would definitely result in death.

Is Communism remotely close to Christianity? Absolutely not, but in Russia’s case, maybe Communism resembles the ideals of the compromised state-sponsored side of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Despite what the pro-Soviet propaganda says, the United States is the only country left that has a modicum of freedom of speech. We may be banished on social media and treated like a pariah by our friends and family by saying things that are not P.C., but the last time I checked, I can still say whatever I want, as long as I do not threaten harm or libel others. Try to do this in Russia and see what happens.

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