December 4th Update – Markets in focus; surveys; Who profits the most day trading stocks; What if student loans are forgiven?

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-Stock move back up. Who makes the most from stock and index day trading? It’s not the guy looking at the charts. My thoughts based on my experience at Nasdaq.
-I can easily see a scenario where some close to Trump know beforehand about what he will say and can trade on that.
-Gold looking better as the COT has unwound some of its open interest. The Commercial shorts are still above 300k net short. 2020 Housing Survey came out this morning. What I think in light of’s 2019 Survey.
-The ones who really benefit from student loan debt forgiveness and how can we benefit, even if we don’t have student loans. Discussion of a Forbes article titled, If $1.6 Trillion Of Student Loan Debt Is Forgiven, This Is What Happens, and what it omits.
-If social spending increases and debt forgiveness becomes a reality, look for the U.S. numbers in this survey to move higher and approach those of the developed socialist nations.

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