November 27th Update – My primary concern; Stock index targets closing in; Advice for living in a dishonest world 

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-Dow within a baby’s breath of my year-end target of 28,500
-The differences between the Bernanke Fed and the Powell Fed. These differences are what concern me. The current Fed seems to be more disingenuous, while not even caring what we think anymore. The global investor has been conditioned properly.
-The dollar and bonds and commodities discussed
-The domestic economy looks good as the U.S. (with the reserve currency privilege) can spread its deficits far and wide to all four corners of the globe.
-I do not know of anyone who is bearish on gold; even the mainstream is extremely bullish. I like gold, but have grown very concerned about a short-term wash out with the most overbought conditions in history.
-What I am doing right now with my personal finances
-When it comes to money and business, don’t believe anyone anymore. The world is full of dishonesty, gaslighting, and disingenuity. I can’t even trust title companies anymore. The global population has gotten much more dishonest in the past 20 years that I have been investing in real estate. Ten page contracts are now 40 pages long, because most people lie when it comes to money. The only words that matter to me are what’s contained in the Bible, and I reconcile everything else off that. You must do the same if you are to survive.

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