November 25th Update; Investment real estate, MMT is MMR, the dollar and stocks, a warning for the gold bulls

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-I try to answer the many questions I have received regarding investment real estate. What I currently see and what I currently recommend.
-Why I think the United States still offers the best opportunities, especially for Canadians who are willing to be proactive managers
-The Fed and MMT scare mongering. MMT is MMR – modern monetary reality. A discussion of a CNBC article about MMT. The mainstream and alt-financial mislead the readers into thinking MMT is like what took place in Weimer Germany.
-The Fed and ECB must be concerned that the dollar is still holding up, even after the massive Fed stimulus. The globe knows what’s coming.
-Soviet-style propaganda against the dollar. What will happen if the dollar collapses? The Russian economy would be decimated on a much worse level than the U.S. Look at what the ruble has done this decade vs. the USD
-A huge red flag for gold. The most overbought COT report in history. Open interest, spec longs, and commercial shorts all rise again as prices fade further. A potential for a massive sell-off is in the works. The financial sky is not falling, but try telling that to those who hold the record net long SMALL spec positions. Keep in mind that Joe-six pack’s net long is contra’d by the large commercials.
-The grim reality; I personally know that the alt-financial analysts are out of their realm. Those who know what is really going on are too busy making money working for the system. They are not going to bother telling the alt-financial junkies what to do, and those who follow the alt-financial media wouldn’t listen anyway.  Even though these “stopped-clocks” credited themselves with correctly identifying last decade’s bust, they were the least able to take advantage of it. They had no capital left and were paralyzed with fear.

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