Instead of diversifying Russia’s economy, Ex-KGB Putin spreads Soviet-style anti-dollar propaganda

It’s easier to employ propaganda than accept blame
Putin in his KGB uniform (1980)
  • Russia’s monetary system is controlled by a privately-run banking cartel
  • Vladimir Putin has been in effective control of Russia’s government since late 1999, about 20 years (similar to the Soviet General Secretary)
  • Despite trying to diversify its economy, Russia is still overly dependent on energy production
  • Many of the powerful Russian politicians, including Putin, were ex-Communist officials
  • Putin was trained in counter-intelligence and has plenty of experience in propaganda
  • Putin’s anti-dollar rhetoric seems to be a convenient cover for a poorly performing centrally-planned economy
  • Alt-media outlets like Zerohedge, which have pro-Putin/Russian sympathies, and are tied to its sphere of influence, are instrumental in this propaganda dissemination
This chart shows that Russia’s economy is overly exposed to the global oil sector. The Russian ruble’s performance in the international currency markets is a direct reflection of energy prices. Click chart to enlarge.

It seems that national leaders like Putin and Turkey’s, Erdoğan, find it more expedient to blame others, especially the United States, for the problems that plague their corrupt and bloated socialist economies.

Soviet-style propaganda for the disenfranchised Western masses

I received an email from a subscriber with the following screenshot.

According to Zerohedge, Russian President Putin is an anti-new world order proponent, and he is the ally of all that is good. Zerohedge claims that if we can overturn the US dollar hegemony, we will rid ourselves of this evil conspiracy. Of course, it is the evil United States that is to blame for the world’s perilous predicament.

The grasp of the new world order transcends geopolitical boundaries and its power is fueled by the private banking cartel that owns and runs all the major central banks around the world, including the PBOC and Bank of Russia. Putin performs an important function to the elites and is the controlled Western adversary. The elites of the NWO know they need to collapse the United States from within and the falsehoods spread by the controlled opposition serve to create double-mindedness and confusion in the minds of the NWO opposition in the Western nations.

It truly is all very ingenious. So, we need to be careful from where we obtain our “truth.” It just so happens that the anti-Western propaganda has spread the worst financial advice and made the least accurate predictions, and this cannot be by chance. Putin and the Russian oligarchs hope that the ostensible opponents to the NWO in the West are broke and powerless. From what I can see, it’s a job well done.

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