A subscriber asks; Deval Patrick as President?


Meet Deval Patrick,

Obvious Democratic nominee, product of the Obama team, adequate cash, and media will go ga ga.

Yes, he can beat Trump, the big picture is that beating Trump will make the right go radical just like the Dems did when Trump beat them. Playing right into a further divide of the country.

Donald will be active leading his old base as the ultimate citizen provocateur.


This is a quote concerning Deval Patrick from today’s World Affairs Brief from Joel Skousen: (I have downloaded a pdf copy to my server)

Former MA Governor Joins Race for President:

Deval Patrick, a close friend of Barack Obama, announced he is running for president, adding his name to the long list of democrats already running. Pundits presume he wouldn’t have entered at this late date if Obama had not encouraged him to do so, perhaps knowing that Biden’s campaign is imploding, especially with all the news about his corruption in Ukraine.

However, Patrick’s major weak point is his being on the board of directors for ACC Capital Holdings which owns [owned] Ameriquest [now defunct]. Along with Argent, Ameriquest is [was] the largest subprime mortgage lender responsible for about $80B in subprime loans. Patrick is typical of the new wealthy political elite, given plush jobs with elite companies in the gov-business revolving door. He is currently a managing director at Bain Capital. He is hardly going to be able to present himself as the friend of the working class or even the Middle Class.

World Affairs Brief, Joel Skousen, November 15th

I agree with Mr. Skousen’s assessment on this one. I do not think that many blacks would even vote for him. I speak to many African-Americans and Hispanics here in the D.C.-area in my capacity as a property manager, landlord, and real estate investor, and have been surprised at the support that many of them give to President Trump. The irony of what we hear on the street is countered with what I observe; many blacks I speak to felt disenfranchised under Obama. In Prince George’s County, MD, many property-owning blacks are hoping that Trump gets back in, because their economic prospects have brightened much in the past three years.

NJ Sen. Cory Booker, an African-American, cannot get ratings above mid-single digits

New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker, who is also African-American, is having a tough time getting above mid-single digits in the Democratic primary race. I do not know if Gov. Patrick can break out either, but time will tell.

Of course, I speak anecdotally, and the mainstream polls will refute this, but my observations conclude differently. I think many successful African Americans and Hispanics will vote for Trump. The common refrain; if a democrat gets in as President, the markets will crash.

Position our finances as Socialists become the largest liberal demographic

I assume that most of us would be considered conservatives, and as such, we should be more concerned over the growing socialist mindset in the millennial and Generation-Z demographic. These groups have been schooled and indoctrinated in the globalist and socialist mentality, while being largely left out of the decade-long asset boom. Over the next couple presidential voting cycles, we will have to come to terms with far-left candidates on the local, state, and federal levels.

The Federal Reserve policies that are working to keep the Federal government in business are driving a vast number of voters over to the far left. This group is populated with all races and creeds, but these are primarily the young debt-slaves who were left out of the asset boom cycle. They have been conditioned to view the government as their big daddy and provider. Thus, candidates who mirror the policies of VT Senator Sanders are growing in importance and have been instrumental in shifting the political policies to the left. This important and growing voter block has also helped to facilitate the Right’s shift to the left as well.

Now, as an economic observer, I have positioned my finances to benefit from the growing socialist policies, and the massive government deficit spending that these policies require.

I have no opinion on who is in office, but socialism requires massive deficit spending and as all this deflationary debt is serviced, asset prices will move higher as the unwashed masses look to the government to help out (which just causes more spending and asset inflation).

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