November 10th Market Update – The major markets analyzed; My predictions for the next couple weeks

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-For some listeners, I may have you drinking out of a firehouse on this one. -Don’t look at the dire wealth disparity reports and conclude that things have to fall apart. This growing wealth divide is being intentionally manufactured. We need to plan to not be left behind.
-A preface: Recall the Saudi drone attacks on September 14th… Anyone buying oil and gold and shorting stocks off that news was punished. The traders who made the money shorted oil and gold overnight and bought stocks off the low. Always fight the primal urges and the calls from the alt-media.
-US bonds put into focus. What is going on with the 10-year? Some technical analysis. No worries in a managed market.

-The SPX and Europe Stoxx 600 analyzed. Guess where they are going? I do see some particular counter trend opportunities short-term domestically.  Global stocks have been on fire all year. They know where the world is going. So do we.
-The USD is creeping back up again. Not a good sign for those at the Fed who were hoping for a bigger drop. What will happen when Lagarde begins to dance to the Draghi tune?
-Why I own gold. We should be less concerned about the economy blowing up and more concerned with our personal lives blowing up.
-Gold had probably the worst week in 3-5 years on a technical basis. GLD tonnage continues to drop and the latest COT report is even more overbought than the prior one. It does not look good and a test of the rising 50-week mva is highly probable over the next couple weeks.
-Commodities in focus. For Americans, trying to take advantage of higher meat prices outside the U.S. is tough and anyone buying pork and hog futures has been beat up. What happened to corn? Getting beat with an ugly stick (as we expected).
-Commentary and observations on the power structure and where the global political power is moving.

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