Max Keiser – A failed actor and comedian, born in New Rochelle, NY, found work bashing the West

Max Keiser; shilling his agenda while promoting the anti-Western narrative on the controlled opposition media

Max Keiser grew up in Westchester County, New York. After studying theatre at New York University, he took a variety of jobs in stand-up comedy and in radio…. – Wikipedia

Hi Chris….

What do you think about the rumors of China formulating their own gold backed crypto currency?

They have 20,000 tons of gold to use as backing to issue their new crypto currency – to destroy the US$. A lot of crazy stuff coming from the alt- media.


Max Keiser; Investment adviser to the unwashed who hate the West

I did not hear about this until I Googled “gold backed crypto” and “China” and up popped Max Keiser’s name. Indeed, this anti-Western charlatan, who proffers the pro-Russian and China narrative is at it again. This supposed financial expert, who was born in New Rochelle, NY, gets paid handsomely to denigrate the West and his own nationality on RT, Al Jazeera, and Press TV.

Mr. Keiser is heavily promoting bitcoin as the anti-Western answer to the fiat currency regime, but bitcoin was most likely a creation of Western intelligence. Moreover, the private central banks of Russia and China are controlled by the same elite families who own the Western central banks. Despite what the gold shills proclaim, China and Russia want low gold prices as much as the West.

Here is a warning to those die-hard crypto fans who believe anyone pro-crypto. Don’t be fooled by Mr. Keiser’s self-promotion. I stopped listening to him almost 10 years ago, because he was wrong most the time. He will cherry pick his track record and proclaim that you should listen to him, because he told everyone to buy bitcoin at $1. I do recall that he was pumping DASH at $600-800 as well. If you bought DASH at those levels, I bet he sold his DASH to you. He also started a few failed blockchain initiatives that were built with other people’s money. He only recalls his triumphs.

China’s secret gold-backed cryptocurrency to destroy U.S. dollar – Max Keiser – Kitco TV

On November 1st, Mr. Keiser was on TV, promoting the notion that China, which he claims owns 20,000 tons of gold, is about to develop and begin promoting a gold-backed cryptocurrency. This new cryptocurrency is designed to force the dollar to go to “zero.”

Okay, let’s break this down…

1) Let’s assume China owns 20,000 tons of gold. Who owns it? Does their privately run central bank, the PBOC, which was modeled after the Western central banks, own it? Does the ChiCom government own it? Do the Chinese citizens own it?

The Chinese and Russian central banks are both private concerns and are owned by the same elite families who own and control the Western central banks. Do you see a pattern here? They spend lavishly to support RT, Al Jazeera, and Press TV. Get the hint? It sounds like a kayfabe wrestling match with hired-hands in the ring while their owners relax in the luxury skybox.

2) The over-indebtedness in China on many levels is even worse than in the West. China’s economic miracle was built upon a shaky foundation of fiat currencies and their economy was designed specifically to be built as quickly as possible before the upcoming global war. Only fiat can accommodate this objective.

So, why would China attempt to destroy the U.S. dollar at this point? ChiCom and the PBOC would only be slicing their own throats. If the USD collapsed to zero (as Keiser says it will) the yuan and ruble would go down as well as all the global debt markets would collapse within weeks.

If China introduced a gold-backed crypto, what’s to say it would really be backed by gold? The ChiCom government that Mr. Keiser supports and rallies around has been known to lie often and has a long history of killing tens of millions of people who disagree with it.

3) Even if China introduced this cryptocurrency, and it was successful in destroying the dollar hegemony, how would it be able to service its internal debt burden once they went to gold-backing? China’s internal economy would collapse within months as there would no longer be enough currency growth to help service its debts.

4) Mr. Keiser somehow places a non-sequitur connection between bitcoin and this new Chinese crypto concept. We are aware that China has essentially forbidden the trading of btc by its citizens, and why is this? The ChiCom government knows what my readers already know; btc was a creation of Western intelligence and not by Satoshi Nakamoto. Thus, promoting bitcoin for the purpose of upending Western fiat money does not make sense.

5) Given this line of logic, wouldn’t it better for our readers to just buy physical gold? If China really owns 20,000 tons of gold, that alone could be enough to destroy the USD. But it hasn’t, because that would mean ChiCom would be guaranteeing a mutually assured destruction. I truly doubt China’s authorities own anything close to that amount and despite what the gold shills proclaim, China and Russia want low gold prices as much as the West.

It sounds like Mr. Keiser is promoting his blockchain agenda, while kissing up to his bosses on the anti-Western media outlets.

Just because someone takes the red pill, doesn’t mean he is full of knowledge. It only signifies that he has found out that the world is full of lies. We then have the burden of spending the rest of our lives trying to discern fact from fiction. Satan has employed a wide array of sell-outs who are there to trip us up.

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