If we think housing and living are expensive now, just wait a few more years

This dialectic process may take years, but it will end with a one-world financial dictatorship and global communism

Hi Chris,

I’ve been to Sydney, Australia about 30 years ago. The north shore communities from Manly Beach to Palm Beach are stunning.

The housing market [in Toronto] is picking up here. You can get a 25-year, 3-year fixed rate of 2% mortgage. Rents downtown have almost doubled in the past 15 years. The divide between the haves and have-nots keeps on rising.


V – Toronto

All I can say is that there is much more pain to come for those who do not properly plan for this sobering reality. For those who are scared of the “crash & burn” narrative promoted in the alt-financial media, I am warning you that this slow grind into the abyss can last for years and we have more pressing personal concerns that we can control.

The sheep will never willingly accept global socialism or communism on their own terms, but if the elites inject the pain (a byproduct of keeping the governments in business), while concurrently conditioning the youth in the public indoctrination centers and providing them tons of mindless diversions, the reprobate population will eventually embrace all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.

A new survey released by the Washington, D.C., nonprofit Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation reflects that, if the younger generation gets out and votes in 2020, those running for office on the far left have reason to be hopeful.

According to YouGov, which conducted the poll, capitalism, amid a widening divide between the haves and have-nots, has plunged in popularity from a year ago, with one out of every two millennials — ages 23 to 38 — supporting it.

Meanwhile, 36% of millennials polled say that they approve of communism, which is up significantly from 28% in 2018.

More than a third of millennials polled approve of communism, MarketWatch.com, October 28th

The goal of the new world order elites is to create a one-world communist government, though their media will call it socialism. If the population wants socialism then they will need a monetary system that will suit their desires. This system is already in use today, and as the consolidation of wealth and power accelerates, the system’s central management will grow to accommodate the impulses of the sleeping masses. Moreover, by the time it gets fully implemented, it will contain all the most excellent features of blockchain to make sure there is no cheating.

The sheep will not willingly accept this if given a free choice. So, the rulers of this global Talmudic toilet will present their Marxist ideology as a response to their dialectic form of Talmudic capitalism, and the younger folk will eat it up. Think I’m kidding? Over the next 10-15 years, the current crop of young folk will be as virulent and politically correct as Strelnikov in Dr. Zhivago.

“The historical amnesia about the dangers of communism and socialism is on full display in this year’s report,” Smith said in a statement on Monday. “When we don’t educate our youngest generations about the historical truth of 100 million victims murdered at the hands of communist regimes over the past century, we shouldn’t be surprised at their willingness to embrace Marxist ideas.”

Other nuggets from the report include that 22% of millennials believe “society would be better if all private property was abolished,” and that 45% of Generation Z members and millennials believe that “all higher education should be free.”

More than a third of millennials polled approve of communism, MarketWatch.com, October 28th

So, where do we go from here?

All I can tell you is that those who are waiting for a crash and burn scenario will be sorely disappointed as this financial divide will continue to grow. As long as the central banks work to keep the nation-state governments in business, this is the natural outcome. Why have a crash and burn? That would be too obvious. The best way to get the one-world communist government is to introduce it gradually to the Godless masses.

My advice to my readers is to go out and build a life and shut out this crash and burn garbage. Crashes always happen and when the next one occurs, be ready to capitalize. Don’t sit on the sidelines like the others. Plan for the future and accept where the world is going, because we have no control over its direction.


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