A subscriber emails me about the Talmudic toilet of the new world order

Just saw your photo on your home page. Proof positive a person can know what’s really going on, yet be happy. Awesome photo and glad you posted it.

Having beautiful Fall foliage here in Vermont. Hope things are well in your neck of the woods.

T – Vermont

Here was my response:

Thanks for the email. Personally, my life is going pretty well. Obviously, the world is a Talmudic toilet, but I cannot change that, and must try to affect change from with whom I interact. That’s why I have my blog.

There is a YouTube livecam of the Mad River Valley covered bridge that I turn on to look at the leaves. A lovely time now.

I hope all is well with you up in VT.

To which T responded:

A Talmudic toilet is absolutely correct, which we know Donald James Trump is a part of and most around him are, too. I just had someone that I’ve known for years in the Christian patriot movement say that DT is God’s anointed….

To which I respond:

If this is what the Talmud promotes, and we know the agenda, why do we still fall victim?

The patriot movement as we knew it no longer exists. The globalists destroyed it with military precision, and used their change agents to put it through the metaphorical wood chipper. The patriot’s anointing of DT was just the epitaph on the patriot movement’s tombstone. Somehow, the movement that used to stand for God and self-sovereignty is now conflated with racism, conspiracy theories, Nazism, Alex Jones, Sandy Hook, and partisan politics.

I observe that Trump is keeping true to his real colors and spending the U.S. government further into bankruptcy.

Why do I live a life free of consternation and worry? I am older and possess a thorough understanding of the agenda for the new world order. Thus, I can scrape out a financial existence that doesn’t undermine my morals and Christian worldview. The County executives in the areas where I live and invest know my opinions and mindset. I don’t care what they think anymore. I tell them they govern with a capricious and antichrist spirit, because they accept federal money and have no competition. I have no concern what my neighbors think anymore. I have about 20 years left in this dimension and am just riding it out.

Mr. Bezos is having a good time exploiting others. He knows the internet is a confirmation bias machine.

The long-range goal of the NWO elites is to completely destroy our confidence in the nation-state as we know it. Only then can the final version of the one world government appear. I say they are doing an effective job and have to tip my hat to them. They worship Satan and he is in control for now.

I think of how the minds of the younger folk have been shaped and kiln-dried in the public indoctrination centers to accept global government and a global blockchain financial system. Most of them are hopelessly hooked on social media, despise our country and its sovereignty, and use the internet as a confirmation bias machine.

Trump: Sponsor of the biggest kayfabe match in history while spending us into insolvency

Most I come across outside of this blog have been spiritually neutered. Though they may be running around quoting this and that, they lack the necessary introspection and discernment. The pastors on YouTube who worship and pray for DT’s success are legion. He is a charlatan fighting a kayfabe wrestling match with his ostensible adversaries, while the nation-states rot from within. I observe that Trump is keeping true to his real colors and spending the U.S. government further into bankruptcy.

Get your heart right with God and learn how to be financially self-sovereign. Stop listening to the alt-financial gurus who keep us trapped in our preexisting biases. The patriots who support Trump can never admit they were duped and continue to throw good money at bad. The best way to avoid these dilemmas in the first place is to remain detached and objective. We need to be humble enough to admit we are wrong when presented with contrary information, but the former patriots are just as lost as their liberal enemies.

Change comes from within.

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